Memory query

  Venus 07:51 25 Jan 2003

I've just built a 'new' system from old bits. It has an Athlon 266 processor and 64MB of RAM - 32MB in each of two slots (SD RAM P133). The HD is 13 GB.
I've been told, by a friend, I could put a module of 128MB RAM in one of the slots and it will work but can anybody assure me that this is correct, before I go and waste money buying a module?

  Gongoozler 07:56 25 Jan 2003

Venus, it will probably be ok, but it depends on the motherboard. Have a look in the manual. If you don't have one you can probably download a copy from the manufacturers web site. If you need any help, tell us what the motherboard is and we'll see if we can assist.

  jazzypop 08:10 25 Jan 2003

Go to click here and order from Crucial. They will advise exactly what you need, what will and won't work, and will exchange with no quibble in the unlikely event that it doesn't work.

  frank-291322 08:15 25 Jan 2003

There should be no problems but like the above another company to try is click here

they are usually a little cheaper and offer the same service,

  DieSse 09:10 25 Jan 2003

A couple of points.

It's not an Athlon if it's 266MHz - it's an earlier generation of processors - K5 or K6 I would imagine (or even a Pentium, unless you know for sure it's AMD).

Some of this generation of motherboards will only take memeory modules up to 32Mb each. So it's vital that you know exactly what your motherboard will take - or get an exchange agreement in case of problems.

Crucial hev a particularly good reputation for advice and an exchange policy.

  Venus 11:14 25 Jan 2003

To Diesse, yes it is an AMD K6 I think, sorry. Itis the one they designed specially for Windows95 when it first came out (I presume you can load Windows98 or Win2K on the HD instead though)
To Frankie and Jazzypop, just off to check out those sites, thankyou.

  Venus 11:16 25 Jan 2003

Have to find out the MB makers after I've put the OS on haven't had time, will do it later today.

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