Memory query

  micklemouse 19:17 27 Mar 2006

I have used the Belarc Advisor to see all that's on my computer, and am puzzled by the Memory details. It says that under Memory Modules I have 256MG installed memory, Slot DIMM1 is empty and Slot DIMM2 is empty.

What exactly are DIMM slots?

  SG Atlantis® 19:21 27 Mar 2006

it's the slots the memory goes into.

stands for Dual In-Line Memory Module.

slots are numbered from O, so your 256mb is in slot 0

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:21 27 Mar 2006
  micklemouse 19:39 27 Mar 2006

the 256MB I already have is made up of 2 x 128MB memory sticks/cards and as far as I knew these fitted into the only available slots. So does this mean I have more slots available for mor memory? By that I mean the two empty DIMM slots?
God I wish I understood these things better..

  SG Atlantis® 19:41 27 Mar 2006

Not according to the info you first posted, by the looks of it you have two slots empty.

What make and model of computer do you have?

  micklemouse 19:42 27 Mar 2006

and thanks for that link Fruit Bat, I have seen only two slots that look like that side by side in my computer, so if those are the ones with the 2 x 128MB cards in them, where are the empty DIMM slots?

Sorry if I'm confusing you!

  Totally-braindead 20:21 27 Mar 2006

What I suggest you do is look on the Crucial memory website, if you know the make/model of your motherboard you can see what is compatible with your computer, if you are in any way unsure run the Scan My System test, it will tell you what you have, what is free and what you can add click here

  Totally-braindead 20:23 27 Mar 2006

A lot of PCs come with 2 types of slots for 2 different types of memory, it is possible that is what you have, the Crucial test should tell you anyway.

  LABMAN 20:46 27 Mar 2006

Hi, if my experience of these sites is anything to go by they can be a total waste of time.

I have a PC chips M825LU motherboard and the manual that comes with it states quite clearly it has two memory slots yet these site all insist in showing it has 4, some even claim it has DDR memory slots as well as SDRAM slots which it most definatley does not as I have only recently upgraded the memory and know for a fact there is only two slots.

There has been a few instances as well with programmes that analyse your innards saying it has more PCI slots than it actually has, it only had two free yet some said it had four, again I know theres only two as one is occupied with a sound card and the other with a USB 2.0 extension card I fitted.


  Totally-braindead 21:18 27 Mar 2006

LABMAN you are right with a lot of these programs but have you ever tried the Crucial one? They are one of the best companies to deal with and in my case they have always been right. Try it and see.

  Totally-braindead 21:26 27 Mar 2006

My appologies LABMAN just out of curiousity I had a look at the Crucial website and it does indeed say it has 2 sets of 2 memory slots but the PC Chips website states quite clearly it has only 1 set of 2 slots for 184 pin memory and even shows you a picture of it.

You're right and I'm wrong.

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