Memory query.

  curlylad 17:37 07 Oct 2004

I am looking around to upgrade my memory and some of the modules I looked at are described as 'ECC' or 'Non-ECC' Can anyone tell me what they mean or what the difference is between them please ?

  OwenLotts 17:48 07 Oct 2004

click here

Error Correcting Code. Logic designed to correct memory errors.

Not sure what it means in "real terms" (ie performance)

  kakasnarta 18:29 07 Oct 2004

High end computers (file servers for example)typically use an ECC capable memory controller,midrange desktop computers are typically configured with parity checking.low cost home computers often have non-parity memory.

  Dorsai 18:51 07 Oct 2004

ECC is apparently some-what slower. Dont know how much though.

Bear in mind that a mobo with-out support for ECC memory will probably not work if ECC memory is used.

But a mobo with support for ECC memory will probably work with non-ECC memory but you may only be able to use some of the mem slots.

For my mobo, if all ECC, I can use all 4 slots, and get 3.5Gig ram. If Non ecc, Can only use two slots, max 2Gig ram.

Also, in the Bois, an ECC compatable mobo will probably have the option to turn the ECC part off. But i do not know if this undoes the performance disadvantage.

But ECC ram seems more expensive.

I wanted 1gig PC2100 ECC ram..Found one stick at about £2500...That was a while ago...Prices now seem more like £600....Still rather a lot.

  Dorsai 18:56 07 Oct 2004

But I should have said that was the most expensive price i saw.

After all for a server stability is more important that price..For a home PC the reverse.

I managed to get what i wanted for about £65. Second hand, from E-bay.

  curlylad 09:15 08 Oct 2004

So how do I know if my memory is ECC or Non-ECC ?

  curlylad 09:53 08 Oct 2004

If you go to here click here it will scan your system and suggest a guaranteed compatibility memory module upgrade , just for the record mine is Non ECC or Non-Parity.

Non Ecc or Non-Parity memory will have either 2,4,8,16, or 32 chips on the memory module.ECC or Parity memory will have either 3,6,9,12,18, or 36 chips on the memory module.

Just thought I'd add that bit of info I've just learnt myself .

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