Memory quality advice please

  Giggle n' Bits 23:15 16 Mar 2006

Putting together my new system with so far choosen the following:
gigabyte GA-K8N Pro SLI (not using SLi)
Enermax Liberty 620W PSU
AMD Athlon 64 x2 core 4800 (2.4Ghz)

I am looking for x2 dimms PC3200 DDR and in the past have used Crucial with no problems but there are Crucial Balistic, then Buffalo, Corsair etc. I ma not interested in overclocking or snazzy heat spreaders but want to pay for good quality memory.

My puzzle, ok there's loads of memory out there but who or what makes one brand better than the others or is there something I should look for in a memory specification.

Think my motherboard when it arrives will take Dual Channel whcich I understand is of a better type.

I ma looking for recomendations not really on price but does brand A PC3200 DDR v Brand B PC3200 DDR have any advantages.

  gudgulf 23:42 16 Mar 2006

I've had good results with Corsair XMS memory,but any decent quality memory will work.....Crucial will guarantee compatibility with your motherboard so that is worth considering.

By the way the PSU you mention is way overspecified if you are not going to be using an SLI setup with two power hungry top-of-the-range graphics cards.

Consider a lower spec psu and put the extra cash in getting the lowest latency PC3200 memory you can find.2-2-2-5 memory is what you should look for.An Athlon 64 cpu with good quality low latency PC3200 can match the performance of the fastest DDR2 memory available today.

Most memory manufacturers will sell matched pairs of memory sticks specificvally for dual channel use.

  Giggle n' Bits 23:48 16 Mar 2006

so you saying look for a PC3200 DDR 400Mhz Memory with a CAS of 2.0 or 2.5 as the 2-2-2-5 I have never seen later reference before.

I am greatful for the advice ref the PSU also, I had a feeling it was a little over on the watts even though the AMD CPU I choose is 110wat do you still thing a lower watt would be ok.

How low on the PSU would I be safe with ? 580w, 550wat or 500wat. Also taking into consideration I would be using a usb modem, Dig Camera, Mem stick, there was a wattage calc I use to use but it no longer seems to cover the modern CPU's.

  User-312386 23:51 16 Mar 2006

click here

Latency of 2.5 and great

I have 2 of these and set the CL to 2.5 and computer flies

  Giggle n' Bits 00:00 17 Mar 2006

Thanks for the Call and the link to Corsair DIMMS, I take it these are what you recomend being 2.5 CL.

Thanks also MB33

  gudgulf 00:01 17 Mar 2006

Any decent psu over 420W will be adequate.....I am currently running with just that......It is powering an overclocked P4 running ar 3.6GHz,with 2GB RAM,an ATI X800XT graphics card,2 internal hard drives,3 optical(DVD/CD) drives and several external USB devices.

Always better to have a bit in hand though so look at something with 460W to 500W...that will be plenty even if you subsequently want to use SLI.

As for the low latency memory click here for a review.

Not all appplications benefit from such low memory timings,but it can make a difference......the Standard Corsair XMS Cas2 memory is a good performer too (2-3-3-5 timings)and is significantly cheaper.

  User-312386 00:05 17 Mar 2006

Yes they are 2.5

Just remember to change the Cas Timings to 2.5 in the BIOS as they are usually set to Auto, which by default is 3

  Giggle n' Bits 00:13 17 Mar 2006

from crucial ref the PC4000 which crucial claim is compatiblem even though its not listed in the Gigabyte GA-K8N Pro SLi manual. PC4000 = DDR 500 with 2.5-4-4-8

This gets confusing for me anyway, as the PC3200 on this page below is 2-2-2-6 which is lower but better. How can this be ? click here

  Giggle n' Bits 00:22 17 Mar 2006

the only thing is flashing LED's which bump the price up a bit.

  User-312386 00:26 17 Mar 2006

Your board will only take Type: Dual channel DDR400/ 333/ 266 -184pin which is PC3200

I would go for the Corsair

  User-312386 00:28 17 Mar 2006

click here and go for the Modular PSU

I have this one and the voltages are very stable

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