Memory & processor speeds

  Capt chaos 22:49 07 Jun 2003

Can some one tell me if, for optimum performance your memory speed should match your processor fsb speed. I have Giga GA7VAXP Ultra mobo,2200+xp,512MB DDR400,sapphire radeon 9000 pro, 2x7200rpm 133mhz hdd (masters), 2xdvd roms (slaves),cdrw (master) + dvdrw (master). I have heard a rumour that DDR400 is more compatible with Intel than AMD, is there any truth to this rumour?
I am asking this because windows takes ages to load and when it does there is a delay in opening files and programs, even small ones. Anyone offer any advice please.

  goonerbill 11:27 08 Jun 2003

did read somewhere that the ga-7vax and upwards had some sort of problem with cpu running at 266fsb and mem running at 400fsb. if cpu has 333fsb (barton cpu's) the problem is gone and the systems flies.

the new 333fsb 2500+ is around £65/70

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if ya wish to sell ya 2200+ lookat this site click here
or sell privately on one of the auction sites

  Eddie986 14:23 08 Jun 2003

Hi Goonerbill, thanx for your reply but do you actually mean just 266mhz processors in general or the combination of 266mhz processors and ddr400 memory. Do you know if replacing my ddr400 with pc2100(266mhz) or pc2700(333mhz) would benifit performace and stability as max ddr400 on my mobo is 512MB.

  Joe McG 14:29 08 Jun 2003


because of your processor, your ddr400 memory can only run at 266mhz.

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