Memory Problems...Only half the memory detected

  Samuelson 14:32 17 Sep 2005

I have just put a new machine together

Skt 754 Athlon 3100+
Skt 754 Mobo
2 x 512 PC3200 DDR RAM

Trouble is, only half the RAM is being detected. (I have tested both sticks in another PC, they both work and show up as the right size).

If I have them both installed (1GB) then only 512 shows up. If I have one installed then only 256 shows up!

Definatly a mobo or bios problem I think. Am I just doing something silly wrong with speed/frequency etc?


  dan11 14:51 17 Sep 2005

What motherbord are you using? Are the memory modules single or double sided?

  Samuelson 16:32 17 Sep 2005

Cheapo PC Chips M870 board. Single sided sticks.

I just looked on their site, there is a BIOS update for a known issue with this board not detecting the right RAM when using a Semperon CPU. However I tried to flash the BIOS but would not work, used the flash utility and the BIOS from the site, but the utility reports that it is "Not Award BIOS".

Any ideas??

  dan11 19:30 17 Sep 2005

yes the bios upgrade does sound simmilar to your problem. There seems to be no reference to using single sided memory chips in the manual, it is usually noted if they are problems with either single or double sided modules.

have you any double sided memory you could try, crucial seem to recomend double sided for this board. click here

  Samuelson 20:05 17 Sep 2005

Yes have tried double sided memory from another machine, same problem, a 512 stick comming up as 256.

Almost certain the new BIOS will sort it, but I dont know how to flash it, as the way described above wont work... :(

  Samuelson 10:49 19 Sep 2005

Managed to install new BIOS with windows based flash tool (WinFlash), problem solved.

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