Memory problems

  Doodles 18:40 23 Jan 2006

My PC has 4 slots for memory currently with 2 x 256MB DDR-PC3200. I recently bought a 512MB-DDR-PC3200, which i have tried in different slots but PC will make a lot of noise but not boot up. My PC would not restart even with the 512MB in on its own.

I have a medion PCMT6.

Can anyone tell me what i am doing wrong please.


  Fingees 18:50 23 Jan 2006

Go to

click here

run the checker, it will tell you the correct mrmory type etc required.

If you had bought it from them, it would have had a lifetime warranty, and guaranteed to work or refund.

As they manufacture their own it is a better buy.

Not all memories are compatable even though you may think so.

Anyway, do a check.

All the best

  Fingees 18:52 23 Jan 2006

I forgot to mention, if you try the new memory again, make sure all reference to it in bios is set to Auto.

  Doodles 18:55 23 Jan 2006


Did the scan on Crucial but my PC is not listed.

Not sure how to check the bios.
Is this easily done.

  Totally-braindead 19:06 23 Jan 2006

Did you run "scan my system" that is what Fingees was telling you to do, it may well be the Medion may not be listed on the website but the checker should still be able to identify it.

  Doodles 19:14 23 Jan 2006


Did the scan on Crucial but my PC is not listed.

Not sure how to check the bios.
Is this easily done.

  Doodles 19:14 23 Jan 2006


I used the scan my system

  Totally-braindead 19:20 23 Jan 2006

Odd that, well the only suggestions I have are try belarc and everest click here and click here and see if either off these give enough info on the memory installed using the original memory. If not see if either of these can identify the motherboard and we'll try to get more info.

  Doodles 19:36 23 Jan 2006

I have run everest. My motherboard is MSI MS-6747.
It states supported memory types - DIMM, SDRAM.
Maximum memory module size - 1024mb.

Could it be i have got a faulty card.

Thanks for advice so far.

  Totally-braindead 19:40 23 Jan 2006

I've just reread your posting, I presume this Medion is a new model, if so could you look at the manual and/or box it came in. I'm wondering if it supports dual channel memory only. If this is the case then it needs 2 memory modules of the correct type to be put in, it goes in in pairs, if you put in just one memory module it will not work. Easy to check, put one and only one of the original modules in and see if it starts, if it doesn't it uses dual channel memory only. If it does start then the memory you have is either faulty or the wrong type for your motherboard.

  Totally-braindead 19:41 23 Jan 2006

Typing while you put your bit on, give me a minute or two.

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