Memory problem with old games

  User-8740C8C1-B75B-4656-B568BCAE878A7A30 19:57 18 Dec 2007

The Grand children are to get my old Computer the ages are 6 to 13 years. I have just installed a legal xp home have a AMD 2600+ 1.5 GB ram.
I just can not get some of the games to work i have tried the compatability wizard to no avail. The error that keeps comeing up is that i need at least 3 MB of virtual to run. Yet ive got loads.

  exodus 20:04 18 Dec 2007

Hi, allow Windows to set your virtual memory requirements.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:24 18 Dec 2007

Pagefile (Virtual Memory) -- Rght click MY Computer - select propeties - Advanced tab - Performance - advanced tab - Virtual memory click change, you can put the page file on a differnt drive (if you have one), click custom size and set Initial size to one and a half times the amount of memory you have fitted i.e. 512MB memory = set to 768MB, set maximum to double your memory amount i.e. 512MB memory = 1024MB click ok.
If your hard drive is full and there is not enough room for the pagefile this can slow down, freeze or even cause the PC to crash (restart).

  gudgulf 20:33 18 Dec 2007

What games have the problem?.........There can be issues with some older games where the amount of memory or virtual memory on the pc exceeds the maximum the game was designed to use.

When this happens the game sees a value it can't handle and assumes it is zero......then throws up the message you are getting.Even though you have many times the required amount.

The usual answer is to patch the game and there are many sites such as click here dedicated to getting older games running on XP.

  Jim_F 23:43 18 Dec 2007

If the games were for a dos-based version of Windows - 95, 98 or ME then you will need to emulate their memory management - for advice on this one site is: click here - no guarantees but most dos games can be made to work if you have the time !

I agree with gudgulf - its also worth a search on the games you want to run as some have patches provided by enthusiastes.

  mrwoowoo 01:00 19 Dec 2007

In Windows XP go to My Computer, right click it and then choose Properties, go to the Advanced tab, click Performance Options, then click Settings.
Again click the Advanced tab and then in the Virtual Memory section click Change.

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