memory problem

  ¥brian? 18:48 17 Mar 2014

Hi. I have an ERGO T12EG laptop. It came with 2 x 1 gig memory moduels. I wanted to increase the memory to 4Gb so bought 2 x 2Gb sticks from crucial. I used the scanner and it came back with:-

Memory Type: DDR2 PC2-6400, DDR2 PC2-5300, DDR2 (non-ECC) Maximum Memory: 4GB Currently Installed Memory: 2GB Total Memory Slots: 2 Available Memory Slots: 0

So I purchased 2 sticks of 2Gb. Now with both new sticks in I get nothing. If I put the old 1 x 1Gb sticks in it boots up fine.

Any ideas?

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  alanrwood 19:10 17 Mar 2014

Try one at a time and see if it boots with either.

  ¥brian? 19:32 17 Mar 2014


With 1 stick of 2Gb the laptop boots up.

With 1 stick of 2Gb and 1 stick of 1Gb the computer will boot.

Tried both 2Gb sticks individually and the computer boots with either one in by itself or with the extra 1Gb in the empty slot.

but still nothing with 2 sticks of 2 x 2Gb


Thanks for the suggestion.

  alanrwood 09:30 18 Mar 2014

Veeerrryyy strange.

Suggest you ask Crucial about this as they do guarantee that it will work if you used their scanner. There seems to be an incompatibility between the two 2GB sticks. As I said Veertrryyyy strange

  imendpc 11:20 18 Mar 2014

This was excellent problem solving procedure and accurate description of what you did. Your laptop is the same as a Vista 621 and its specification says support to 4GB RAM. This is a tricky one with no guaranteed fix as literally it should just work! However, you could try this to see if you are in luck. At boot time the BIOS would check for RAM and then setup CMOS. So if your BIOS cannot see 4GB when inserted (but fine for any combination of 2GB/3GB). Power off the computer, then clear the CMOS by taking the battery out for a minute and put back. Then reboot into BIOS to see if BIOS sees the 4GB memory. As a last resort, reload the BIOS defaults after noting what the BIOS settings should be. Then clear the CMOS again and reboot. Finally, if all else failed. I would as a law of diminishing return principle just run with 3GB RAM! After all an extra 0.5GB at 3.5GB is unlikely to make much difference to performance compared with that for 3GB.

  ¥brian? 12:15 18 Mar 2014

Thank you all for your suggestions.

I rang crucial and presented my problem with the memory. I told them what I had done and the suggestions offered here.

I was told to boot with a 2Gb and 1 Gb stick to see if it boots. Then tun off the machine. Unplug the power source and battery. I was then told to hold down the power button for 60 seconds. I was hen told to take all memory out of the laptop, still with no power source attached and hold the power button for 60 seconds.

I then was told to insert both 2Gb sticks of memory and boot the machine.

The machine booted and recognized the full amount of ram.

Well pleased.

Thanks to all for suggestions.

John Happy.

  imendpc 12:35 18 Mar 2014

Glad you are sorted "Misterhappy", that Crucial method is called "clear the CMOS" method which is what I had suggested to you above! Holding the Power Button is just to make sure that any residual battery power retained is drained completely. Very similar to resetting any machine by power off and power on after 10 secs wait, just to clear any residual power still holding data in cache.

  alanrwood 15:57 18 Mar 2014

Nice one to know.

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