memory / performance problem

  happymoocow 09:09 09 May 2004

I am running with ME and a small hard disc 6gb and 256mb memory - recently the PC has started running low on resources with control panel indicating 8% - at this point I can get errors in the file MSGSRV32 which sometimes hangs the machine. Under typical use e.g. AOL and one Office product open there is between 28 & 32% of resources free

Am I simply short of memory, and increasing up to 512k will relieve this - I have removed as many programs as is practical

  Pikachu 09:22 09 May 2004

One of the things that slow down is teh items you specfied above, the harddrive clogging up and memory. Not sure if its worthwhile to fork out some extra cash onto another harddrive as ur current is quite small for the heavy new applications. As for the memory it woudl be a good investment although you should take into account the other components you have, i.e. processor, motherboard, etc as they could be causing issues to.

Try disabling a few startup applications, delete internet temp files, there was a good pc advisor mag last year that provided help on cleaning up and improving your pc's performance. Or I tink it was last year

  bertiecharlie 10:35 09 May 2004

click here in respect of MSGSRV32. There are four Microsoft Knowledge Articles listed which might be of help.

The fact that you are low on system resources is not really linked to the amount of Ram you have although it's usually a good idea to increase the amount of Ram. As Dark Cloud says it's usually a good investment. From the specs you have given make sure your mother board can support additional ram before you buy.

I'll post another "click here" below about system resources. This article refers to wundows 95 and 98 but applies in general to ME.

  bertiecharlie 10:40 09 May 2004
  Pikachu 12:36 09 May 2004

Hi happymoocow

You should try to reply to these posts so I and others can help. In response to your mail:

Thanks for the reply - the mother board is relatively modern AK77 Pro (A-133) and I clean out temp files daily.... I have about 1gb of digital pictures that I am going to move off the hard drive the best way to describe what happens is the PC slowly "chokes" !!!

Now as for your board it looks fairly decent, I hope its the one I was looking at here: click here now you do have enough slots to put more memory in so probably that would be your best and cheapest option. Crucial are one of the companies I purchased from as there quite reliable and it is easy to find the correct memory for your board visit click here Usually games or many applications need sufficient harddrive space and memory to do there job :D so your digital photos can be burned onto some secondary storage, you should also try to shut down some system resources that you don't need running in the background.

  Pikachu 12:38 09 May 2004

bertiecharlie has also given you some links in relation to the other problem, it seems the issue is related to system resources which is teh problem you experiencing.

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