Memory - PC133 or PC100?

  mattwilleyuk 10:18 22 Jul 2005

I am a bit of a computer illiterate, but I need to buy some extra memory for a 5 year old Tiny home PC.

It is a PIII and it currently has only 64mb of RAM

It has two spare memory modules and each apparently can hold 512mb.

I want to buy a 256MB PC133 168pin SDRAM memory module, but want to know whether it is likely to be a PC133 or PC100 I need.

A program that lets you know your pc specs, seemed to indicate that it could run either, is this likely? and if so should I go for the PC133 anyway?


  Rickyv 10:21 22 Jul 2005

im pretty sure pc133 is backward compatible with pc100 anyway so it shouldnt matter which one you get.

  Dipso 10:24 22 Jul 2005

You should be able to use either but you could open up your case to see exactly which type you have already. Or go for the PC133 as if your existing stick is PC100 the PC133 stick would just run at the slower speed.

Have you tried Crucials memory selector?
Everest Home Edition or Belarc
Advisor may also tell you which type you have.

  mattwilleyuk 10:26 22 Jul 2005

Should I take out the old 64mb stick and put the new one in? Also in future if I want to put in another 256mb stick to make it up to 512mb, is this fine?

  Dipso 10:40 22 Jul 2005

I would use the old stick to get maximum benefit from the upgrade. You may have to jiggle them around though, ie. larger stick in first slot although this isn't always necessary. Should be no problems making it up to 512 at a later date.

  Belatucadrus 11:05 22 Jul 2005

click here use Crucial to check the module compatability.

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