Memory Parity Error & blank screen

  mun 18:33 13 Jul 2004

Hi, can anyone help me??
I changed the hard drive on my 486 machine running Win98 this morning and on rebooting, I just got the blank (black)screen syndrome. I suspected either the bios (my POST screen was coming up as a K6 -2/150Mhz instead of a K6-2/350Mhz earlier today when it was working), power supply & video card (onboard). I changed the following:
Power supply, RAM, CMOS battery (after 30mins of removing the old one)

I reset the CMOS RAM clear jumper several times

Then in desperation after I still had a blank screen and no POST/Bios beep, I held down the "delete" key whilst it booted and got the following during a POST.
"CMOS checksum bad". At least I had something visual and could get into the bios setup!

I Pressed F1 to going into the CMOS Setup (by the way I'm running an old PC100 Mobo, M598 with AMIBIOS), and manually changed the settings (also later tried using system defaults). SAved these upon exit, and rebooted
Then got "parity error, system halted" Rebooting again it took me into safe mode, and Windows seemed fine. I rebooted and Microsoft Registry checker came up, ran and when it tried to open Windows,it came up with "memory parity error detected-system hallted". I guess the good news is that I no longer have a blank screen but the bad news is that i can't shake off this parity error problem and can't get back to the Windows in Safe mode.
Any help would be much appreciated
Thanks in advance

  PA28 19:09 13 Jul 2004

How do you know my name's John? Right, how many memory SIMMS do you have installed. Remove all but one and make sure that's in the first slot. Try rebooting and see if you get progress. If OK try adding the other SIMMs one at a time. If not OK, take the SIMM out and replace it with another single SIMM. Make sure they're properly seated each time. Good luck.

  mun 10:30 14 Jul 2004

Many thanks for the reply! Even though I changed the RAM before I tried what you suggested and took the 2 sticks of 128Mb ram out, cleaned them up, and re-inserted 1 in the No1 slot. (ie forget putting the second RAM in until I've tested the first). Everything has worked fine since (touch wood) so I'm assuming its the other RAM stick that's at fault. It makes sense since the programs and internet were running really slow before this all blew up. Being a believer that "if its not broken don't fix it", I haven't had the courage to swap the good bit of RAM for the suspect one!

Thanks once again,

  PA28 13:54 14 Jul 2004

If you swap the SIMMs over, you can't do worse than go back to the start (from where you know the way out). It does sound like a dodgy SIMM, but equally it could be the slot or incompatability between the SIMMS if they differ. You may find that just swapping SIMMs over lets you install both and get all your memory back once again. If not, then nothing lost!

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