Memory or Motherboard or ? Fault

  Doug S 16:08 14 May 2005

Thanks in advnce for any advice.

Initial problem, Windows freezing.

Tried to re-intall, now machine won't allow this - just freezes/keeps stopping SO...

Boot from floppy, run Memtest with no cards other than graphics.

Found some faults on one DIMM BUT on others and spare one Memtest just stops at 79% and 16 min 12 seconds (has done this a few times) OR 8 seconds (also a few times) so still doubt about memory?

The whole thing seems erratic but these times have happened a few times.
Have tried DIMMS in both slots on M/B

I think it may be motherboard, graphics card memory or PSU SO...

Swapping graphics card on Monday but if it isn't this I will be stuck.

Any ideas?

  citadel 16:14 14 May 2005

a faulty psu can cause all sorts of errors.

  woodchip 16:32 14 May 2005

Have you tried the latest graphics drivers

  Doug S 17:04 14 May 2005

Thanks both.
On Monday I'll try to swap the PSU too but at the moment it doesn't get far enough to even load the drivers!

  woodchip 17:07 14 May 2005

Then it may be overheating on CPU

  961 17:13 14 May 2005

All fans clear and running?

Processor/heatsink been disturbed lately?

  Doug S 18:18 16 May 2005

Also changed graphics card but not PSU yet.

Tomorrow will try PSU and clean memory slots, blowing out CPU.

The 16min 12sec failure during Memtest is now stuck (i.e. it never gets past the first pass, sometimes errors are found, sometimes not - it seems) This is repeatable from cold or on repeat re-boot so can't see it being a temperature thing. This seems to be the strangest part.
Any more ideas or should I just give in and buy another?

  Doug S 18:20 16 May 2005

Oh, 961, nothing has been disturbed except for gradually taking things of and testing 3 different DIMMS in the 2 available slots.

  Doug S 20:15 20 May 2005

Due to the need for this machine and the time taken so far, another PC is to be purchased.
We still think it's most likely to be a motherboard fault.

Thanks to all for advice.

  woodchip 21:25 20 May 2005

I think overheating as I have had all them Probs myself

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