Memory & Operating System.

  Gatso 12:05 06 Jun 2009

Is it possible to use 6 GB of ram with a 32 bit operating system or would i have to go with a 64 bit operating system?

  Sea Urchin 12:13 06 Jun 2009

Only about 3GB will be seen - so you would need 64 bit OS

  OTT_Buzzard 12:13 06 Jun 2009

You would need a 64bit operating system to utilise all of the RAM.

A 32 bit operating system will still work with 6GB RAM, but only around 3gb - 3.5gb of it will be recognised, or 'addressed'. The remainder of the RAM will be unused.

  Gatso 12:19 06 Jun 2009

Ok thank you, just one final question though.
Im currently building myself a gaming PC, would it be avised to go for the 6GB of ram and just get the 64bit OpS. Or should i just stick with 4GB and use 32 Bit?

And is a 64bit OpS just as easy to use as a 32Bit?
Thank you.

  OTT_Buzzard 12:24 06 Jun 2009

64 bit OS's have been around for years but have never really taken off in to the main stream, but that said, their use is slowly increasing.

There's no dfference to the end user between a 64 bit os and a 32 bit. The only thing that you might find is that there is still some software that won't run at all on a 64 bit OS, and some other software that will run in 32 bit mode.

Most major software vendors software will run though. You can certainly get a performance improvement by running 6GB RAM, but before you buy, just check that 64 bit drivers are available for any legacy hardware you have (e.g. printers).

  Kevscar1 16:16 06 Jun 2009

Went for 64bit OS last year. Only peripheral that wouldn't work was a 10 year old scanner. Office 2003 works fine as do all my other programs. All but 2 or 3 of my games work some of them over 5 yrs old.
Got 8Gb ram. Video processing just flies. Windows Movie Maker publishs films in 20 mins that would have taken 2 - 3 hrs on my old system. I have also open 40+ pictures in Paint Shop Pro at the same time.

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