Memory not being recognised at start up

  poorman 02:42 28 Jan 2003

Could you please help me with a technical problem.
I am trying to install 2 times 128Mb SDRAM Dimms, into my Advent
8520 Pentium 2 333MHz machine.
When I install the memory, the system only recognises half of the
installed RAM.
My motherboard is a GA-686LX.

Can you please help.

Many thanks.

Martin H.

  SupaSteph64 05:43 28 Jan 2003

If you had even the slightest problem getting the catches on either end of the memory card to do up, then you might have a socket problem. I put some memory in a mobo once and because the thin pcb had no supports directly under the memory socket, it was actually bending, mobo and socket, together. Which ment that the pins in the middle of the memory stick were not quite touching the contacts in the socket properly. I had to temporarly pack out with cardboard, the gap between the mobo and the case, while putting the RAM in. Taking the mobo right out the case may be nesessary, if you can't pack out the gap. You may think this all sounds a bit silly, but you don't need the mobo to bend much for it to not make proper contact. Good luck, Steph.

  Djohn 09:24 28 Jan 2003

Have you also tried one stick of memory at a time, and in different slots to make sure that (a) both slots work, and (b) both sticks of memory work?

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