A memory module Serial Prescence Detect (SPD)

  taffyal 23:01 02 Jun 2005

I just put a new HD into an old gateway PC with a 533 Celeron CPU. It keeps giving the message when I boot " A memory module Serial Presence Detect (SPD)device data is missing or inconclusive. 100 mhz memory assumed" It recognizes the 256 of PC100, but usually freezes on a blank screen part way through starting up. Restart usually gets it working on 2nd attempt. Running XP Pro, 20gigHD.Graet when it finally starts. Any advice please? Thanks, Al

  DieSse 00:01 03 Jun 2005

You may have disturbed a RAM module when fitting the drive. Even just touching one may be enough to give contact problems in older systems.

Switch off the mains power to the system (NOT just power down)

Take out the memory - hold it carefully by the edges - blow any dust off it

Very lightly rub the edge contacts with a soft clean eraser

Refit and test

  taffyal 07:56 04 Jun 2005

Thanks Diesse. Tried this no avail, so put in a PC133, all OK. Must have been the memory. Cheers, Al

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