Memory module not recognised

  gixxerdave 08:58 25 Feb 2003

Mobo is a Gigabyte GA7IX with AMD 750 chipset running Award BIOS F1 dated around Jan 1999. I had 128MB of Winbond PC100 SDRAM on a single module installed. I have now bought a 256MB module made by Hyundai, put that into the socket occupied by the Winbond, and moved that one place up. Machine is now reporting 256MB installed, although it seems to split the two modules (diagnostic software shows the two to exist) into two 128MB modules. I have tried moving the modules into different slots and still get the same result. Is this caused by the old BIOS? I have downloaded the flash for the new version, but although I'm willing to have a go at most anything, the consequences of a bad flash trashing my Mobo are too scary to contemplate-I would like to avoid doing it if at all possible. Anyone got any ideas-I want to have a 384MB flying machine (even if its got an elderly 600MHz Athlon powering it!)

  User-312386 09:03 25 Feb 2003

your bios may not support more than 256

however, lets do a little check

have you put the just the new 256 in without the 128?

Have you put the 256 in slot 2 with the 128 still in slot 1? try this one as the slot may be faulty if it only reads 128mb


  powerless 09:12 25 Feb 2003

Two reasons:-

1) Don't mix memory sticks from different Manufacturers.

But and however the reason maybe...

2) One 256MB stick and one 128MB will not like each other...So another 128MB to acompany the the 128Mb already instaled, maybe the way to go. But that gives 256Mb.

Stick the 256MB in the mobo itself if it works get another 256MB (the same) pop that in and now you've got 512MB

BIOS update may solve it but if you dont want to attempt the update, forget it.

click here memory specialists ;-)

Motherbords vary.

  DieSse 09:37 25 Feb 2003

If it's an intel BX motherboard (or presumably others of about this age), then it may only support RAMs with a particular internal structure (as i've just found out with a identical problem).

RAM may be organised internally either as 4-bit or 8-bit, so a 256Mb module may be 32x8 or 64x4 structure. BX motherboards only recognise 4 bit RAM - so you get what you've got - it thinks the 256Mb module is only 128Mb.

Many suppliers do not quote the internal structure.

  DieSse 09:38 25 Feb 2003

Sorry I worded the above poorly - I saw it wasn't a BX board, and should have made it clearer about other m/boards of that era.

  gixxerdave 09:39 25 Feb 2003

Thanks for the quick responses from the first post I have made to this board! I will try moving them around again and consider another 256MB Hyundai module, still, hopefully a £GHz machine with all the bells and whistles isn't too far off then the inlaws can have this one-it'll be plenty fast enough for them! Once again-thanks a lot!

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