Memory loss

  ukiri 23:14 23 Aug 2004

My supposedly new and improved pc i`ve built is struggling for memory.It ran ok for week while i was transfering files etc but now with the minimum running it tells me it has insufficent mem to run any other programs,no scandisk or virus scanners.Its a duron 1600 ,512mb ram ,80 meg hd.

  jonnytub 23:19 23 Aug 2004

try memtest to be sure click here

  Night Ryder 23:46 23 Aug 2004

I don't suppose you're running a Windows98 or 98SE op system? If so there are problems associated with these op systems but they can be overcome.

  ukiri 00:12 24 Aug 2004

I`m running ME ,not great i know but it works on my 750 duron sys.I can run Knoppix from a cd boot ok so i dont think its hardware problem as such.

I tried to download memtest and got a you might not have permission to access this page message?

  Night Ryder 21:20 25 Aug 2004

Same problem applies to ME, particularly if you have up to 1Gig of memory installed.
Here's what to do. Search for your system.ini file and open it in a text editor. (Notepad will do). Look for the entry, [VCache] and place two extra lines below it so it looks like this.


Then re boot the system
This may solve the problem. It certainly did for me.

  Night Ryder 21:27 25 Aug 2004

Last responce didn't look right. I'll try again.

Entry in the system.ini file should look like this.


If when sent the above appears on one line, heres an explanation of how it should read.

[VCache] - first, MinFileCache=51200 - next line below, MaxFileCache=56320 - next line below that.

That is three separate lines not all on one line.

Good luck

  ukiri 22:03 08 Oct 2004

thanks for the help but i was barking up the wrong tree.The cluster size was too small ,upped it to 1k and it works. LOL just got to get the onboard sound working now.

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