Memory limits on Windows ME

  JugglingGeoff 14:20 31 Mar 2004

Hi, is it possible to run Windows ME on a system with more than 512megabytes of memory? does anyone know a workaround for these limitations.



  nyleridedog 14:26 31 Mar 2004

Hi geoff

I have 512 in my win me system1
I ve never heard of windows me not being able to handle over that!

Have you been informed that this is not possible?


  Old Shep 14:44 31 Mar 2004

Think it depends more on your system than ME try here it might tell you here

  JugglingGeoff 14:53 31 Mar 2004

Thanks to all for your quick responses

I was told that windows ME had restrictions on it's memory, my problem is I have just upgraded my machine to a P4 3.0g (800fsb) and thought I would go the whole hog and fitted 1.0 gig DDR 400 I will have to wait for spare cash to upgrade to win XP which can address it.

If I try to run some of the freebies that came with the Asus geforce 5700 8*AGP card the system locks up! with a white screen, take out one of the memory modules and whalla it all works perfectly. the only thing then is the memory only runs on single channel. I was informed it's something to do with the AGP graphics card and Windows fighting for addresses.

  JugglingGeoff 15:11 31 Mar 2004

Thanks to all of you for your responses, you have given me something to try when I can get back to my own computer. I am sure that with your help I can now workaround the problem.

thanks again


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