Memory limit on HP PC.

  Gugs 22:06 27 Feb 2008

My son has been trying to increase the memory on his HP Pavilion 04 P1061A from the existing 2x128 Megs to 2x512 Megs but the unit refuses to accept more than 2x256 megs.
The PC is probably several years old and possibly the MoBo is not up to it.
Any suggestions please? Thanks

  howard64 22:29 27 Feb 2008

you may find that the memory he is trying to fit is not suitable for the pc. The best bet is to connect to and let it scan his pc. They will advise what is acceptable.

  mrwoowoo 22:33 27 Feb 2008

How old exactly is several years old?.If it has windows 98 on then that will be the answer as 98 wasn't designed to run large amounts of ram.

  DieSse 22:37 27 Feb 2008

512MB is not that bad for running XP - so I wouldn't mind too much - it's much better than 256MB anyway.

Without details about the motherboard, and memory types, it's difficult to comment further.

The are some newer memory types around which will only show 50% capacity, due to the type of chips used on them - that's not what's happening is it?

The motherboards shown for the Pavilion 7924 (which is what the number you give comes up as) shows 512MB RAM as the maximum anyway.

Suggestions - live with it or buy a new system.

  Gugs 08:20 28 Feb 2008

Thanks everybody for your help.

  Terry Brown 09:02 28 Feb 2008

Thee is an upgraded Bios --See link--, but as with all BIOS upgrades, you do it at your own risk.
click here


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