memory jumping from 400 to 1 and back(out of 512)

  BEAT 18:47 30 May 2003

hello there, can anyone help? -my mem.turbo program shows that my memory is jumping from 1 up to 400+ and then back down to 1. this is causing my system to run very slow even though i have 25GB of disc space left and 512 memory. i recently installed 256 of it without problems. until now. i have 600kb speed cable and websites open slowly most of the time-even when i have lots of memory available. oh yeah, the memturbo prog. opens two icons the same on startup.? this didnt seem a problem previously. im running xp pro, AMD athlon xp 1500+ 1.3ghz. cheers.

  Philip2 20:52 30 May 2003

What OS are you running?? If you are running W ME
512 is the max ram for this OS it can cause it to slow or freeze.

  BEAT 22:28 30 May 2003

os? what is that? sorry. my system has windows xp pro.

  Philip2 23:19 30 May 2003

Sorry OS is your operating system.
As your running W2000 what i said does not apply.
I hope someone else on the forum can be of help to you.

  jimv7 23:30 30 May 2003

Try it with only 1 stick of ram in, if it works ok, take that stick out and put the other 1 in, this will show if 1 of the sticks is faulty.

  jeez 23:52 30 May 2003

leave your ram alone! Memturbo is a memory management program that "free's" memory, so it's perfectly normal for your available memory to jump around like this. This particular program I found just swap's the memory out to disk, when the swap file is clogged with all this swapping activity the pc grinds to a halt and becomes slow to the point of becoming unresponsive. Windows xp comes with a pretty decent memory manager and excellent system monitoring (through ctrl+alt+del). I really wouldn't advise installing a third party memory manager on a xp system (although it did used to work reasonably well with 9.x). I'd uninstall memturbo if I were you and I think you'll find your system will improve. Also check you have not got microsoft update Q811493 installed as this is a buggy patch that will slow your xp system to a crawl.

  BEAT 18:13 31 May 2003

ok. thanks very much jeez.

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