memory identification

  rickimalone 11:26 18 Apr 2004

I have a 32MB 168PIN DIMM of RAM in PC i'm fixing for in-law....... It only has 4 chips on it.... What does this mean as ive never seen any with less than 8???????

  AndySD 11:30 18 Apr 2004

Is there any info on the Dimm?

  rickimalone 11:35 18 Apr 2004

No its sticker less I only know that its running on this mainboard click here

Ive been taking advice on getting more RAM so that my mother in-law can run broadband but now I have looked at the dimm in the system with only four chips im a bit confused???????

  AndySD 11:46 18 Apr 2004

If the pc is running then download and run EVEREST Home Edition click here its under Mainboard SPD.Also click here and look at the memory selector ( click here ) but you need to know what speed the mothetboard FSB is running. Which is under the Motherboard then Real Clock in Everest.

  rickimalone 11:49 18 Apr 2004

The PC is not able to connect to my broadband connection however...... using PC Wizard tool 2004 it told me that the motherboard fSB is running @ 66.8mhz.............. does this mean I should try and get hold of PC66 RAM or would I be ok putting PC133???

  AndySD 12:07 18 Apr 2004

You can use PC100 memory in a 66MHz system. However, the memory will only run at 66MHz.

  AndySD 12:10 18 Apr 2004

You may not be able to run the old dimm and the new one together though.

  rickimalone 12:24 18 Apr 2004

Thanks for your help.....

  rickimalone 13:33 18 Apr 2004

Thankyou for that, I have just discovered that the RAM that is in the system is 32MB 66MHZ EDO RAM.........
Now if i'm right this stuff is ment to be installed in pairs, which would not be worth is to me as its very expensive. Also it can not be run with newer PC ram as it needs 5volts which would damage the 3.3volt needing PC RAM..

Now do you think it would be a safe bet to go with the PC100 RAM as crucial say's it can run it and ive read that it is capable of running at 66mhz which is the current FSB of the system according to PC Wizard 2004......

  AndySD 13:48 18 Apr 2004

Are you sure that that is the motherboard as it doesnt state it will run edo ram.

  rickimalone 13:57 18 Apr 2004

Yes that is the mother board,if I buy some PC100 RAM and put it in (With static protection) is the worse that can happen is it just not power up?? If so ill just try that.....

Im not 100% sure that it is edo RAM it was bought about more by a process of elimination than anything else.... but it is def the mobo...

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