Memory help required - Human not PC!

  muscic lover 16:33 14 Apr 2008

As Iam advancing over the hill of old-age (ahem!) I would like a free programme that will remember all my password and logins for all my Web and accounts - Yahoo, Bank, PC advisor, You Tube etc - and those of my wife too.
It must be able to be locked by one password so that my sons cant get into it and upload in my name!! - or worse, fall into ID thieves.

any ideas of a suitable programme that I could use??

Thanks in advance from an aged member of the society (40+ and counting!)

  rabadubdub 16:39 14 Apr 2008

You could try just saving them all in a Word document (or similar) - don't give it the obvious title like 'my passwords' - and simply password protect THAT.
Can't think of a particular prog but I know there are some out there.

  Clapton is God 16:40 14 Apr 2008

Do what I do.

Keep them on an Excel spreadsheet, which can be password-protected and stored on a removable media - not on the PC.

  VoG II 16:41 14 Apr 2008

You could try RoboForm click here

Note: 'Or Start Free Trial' is in small print just below the 'Get RoboForm Pro' button.

  brundle 16:41 14 Apr 2008

I use Keepass click here but it may be a bit over the top for some. Roboform is popular apparently, but I've never used it myself click here

  alB 16:56 14 Apr 2008

I use this one click here ...alB

  Snec 16:59 14 Apr 2008

I use this, in fact I use it as a simple data base for all sorts of things click here

  DieSse 17:10 14 Apr 2008

I save mine in a word document with some innocuous text in - the put the passwords in white text.

To see them choose Edit - Select All - or highlight the whole document with the mouse.

If you also password the document, pretty foolproof I would have thought.

"security through obscurity"

  Fingees 17:26 14 Apr 2008

I saved mine on a list and printed it out

I can then look at it with whenever I can't remamber a particular password etc.

You can always lock it away if you want to keep it from prying eyes.

  beeuuem 18:44 14 Apr 2008

I use the free version (v1.44)click here which is simple to use and has a built in password protection facility.

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