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  Bike-it 19:39 02 Mar 2007

what is the difference between these three,

DDR SODIMM PC2100 333mhz.
DDR SODIMM PC2700 333mhz.
DDR SODIMM PC3200 400mhz.
All 200 pin & 256mb.

  Kata12 19:58 02 Mar 2007

I'm not sure of the exact technical differnces but its mostly down to speed.A good source of information might be website. Good Luck I hope you find your answer.

  Totally-braindead 23:16 02 Mar 2007

Assumming they are all exactly the same parity etc the difference is speed, thats all.
Since this is posted in absolute beginners I think I should point out that if you put faster memory in your computer it will not go any faster. You match the memory speed you need to the speed of the processor and the memory your motherboard will recognise.
I always use Crucial memory now as they take you through it step by step and guarantee that the memory they supply will work with your PC.
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  donk23 09:53 03 Mar 2007

can enybody please help i have a foxcon motherboard with a 3700 a m d athlon cpu i have two stiks of ddr 400 memory (2.6) it comes up on the post screen at ddr 400 i have just aded two more 512 stiks but now comes up as ddr200 the shop didnt have ddr400 2.5 onley 3.v1 gig stiks can enybody help please

  Z1100 20:10 03 Mar 2007

DDR SODIMM PC2100 333mhz.
DDR SODIMM PC2700 333mhz.

You can slot these in as twins or mixed because the Bus speed is 333mhz.

You could 'overclock' the PC2100 to PC2700 in your BIOS and there will be a negligible performance increase, you will not notice this in a game, for example.

DDR SODIMM PC3200 400mhz.
Has a Bus Speed of 400mhz. So don't mix it with 333mhz RAM. You can put in into a MB with a 333mhz bus but you would have just wasted the difference in cost between 333mhz & 400mhz as it will run at 333mhz.

The Bus Speed is crucial and should be matched to the Bus Speed of your Mother Board.

DDR means 'double-data-rate' which is similar to saying you CD Drive is 52x That measure is based on the original CD (music) Player that spun at xx rps. A 52x spins 52 times faster than that original design. So, DD will read-write at Double the speed of RAM.


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