Memory for Gigabyte GA-8INXP Motherboard

  askforlinda 00:54 12 Apr 2003

I am trying to decide on the memory for my new pc and am going for P4 2.67G-Gigabyte GA-8INXP m/b which has SATA and heaps of fantastic features but I'm not sure how the memory will stack up.The specs tell me that max it takes DDR PC2100 computer shop tells me that it can take PC2700 333Mhz. I will be putting 2 512M modules in of DDR PC2700 333Mhz Kingston(CL 2.5)Can anyone tell me if this is OK and also what the difference is with Registered ECC Kingston ram. Will this memory be good enough for my system as I know there is a lot more powerful ram out there and as I am investing lots of dollars I want the best outcome.The motherboard is fantastic so I really want to keep it.
This ram seems very cheap..512M is $155 AU..not sure what the prices are like in the UK..Hope someone can enlighten me..thanks

  DieSse 02:10 12 Apr 2003

Youare correct, in that the spec says max 266MHz. But notice that this board has spec for dual channel ram - which will only operate if you put in two modules in slots 1&2 - not if you only use a single module.

It seemms strange to me that the board doesn't use faster RAM (that's not to say it doesn't work - just that it doesn't use the extra speed, i suppose) - but I would believe the manufacturer over the supplier. Why not asl gigabyte about it.

click here

for specs.

  DieSse 02:18 12 Apr 2003

You can read the manual at the Gigabyte link - I suspect the limitation to 266MHz RAM is to allow the use of Dual Channel - this doubles the bandwidth for memory transfers, and is a new mode with the new intel chipset. So use two modules, as described in the manual, for top performance.

  DieSse 02:25 12 Apr 2003

PPS - I would use slower RAM to ensure compatability, it it was me.

ECC is usually much more expensive, and used on critical systems, such as servers, ECC = Error Checking and Correcting. This means that certain types of memory errors will be automatically corrected by the system.

  askforlinda 04:43 12 Apr 2003

I had a look at specs and think I will stay with the advised ram. It's really nerve-racking to try and make the final decison and you wonder whether to choose another board which takes faster ram and has less features.

But what you say about the dual channel means that the bandwidth could double then it sounds great. Thanks again

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