memory full

  robinhood1 09:10 09 Nov 2008

We have a Windows XP machine with 63GB hard drive, this memory is now full. I have followed instructions to delete any unnecessary files and programs, this has only made a small impact. We have no music files, but my documents folder, including photos, is about 3.3GB. I have looked in C drive to try and find other large folders but the only one I can see is Windows , which is 47GB, I have noticed that this is the folder that continually increases in size although we are not aware of manually downloading anything into it, it must be updates, but the size of it still seems quite large.

We have a 120GB external drive which I would like to use to ease the problem, but am not sure if I should try and move this Windows folder to it, is anyone able to offer any advice ?

many thanks

  Quiller. 09:26 09 Nov 2008

To ease the space issue.

1) decrease the size of your system restore folder. At present it will be using 7Gb+ of hard drive space, To do this:-

Click on control panel, system , system restore. Move the slider down to just 1Gb. This will give you all the restore points you need. this should save 6Gb

2) download and run this free program called here. Untick the cookies box to save passwords.

3) download and run treesize click here
This will tell you which folders are using the most space. Come back with the results and we may be able to increase more space for you.

  Taff™ 11:18 09 Nov 2008

The problem lies within the Windows folder. No way should it be 47Gb so report back as quiller suggests.

  canarieslover 11:27 09 Nov 2008

I have just recently re-installed XP Pro and my Windows folder is only 2.8GB so there is something seriously wrong with your Windows folder.

  robinhood1 12:35 09 Nov 2008

I have tried everything suggested by quiller, the system restore figure is down to 3%, 1724mb, but Windows still shows as 47GB, drilling down in this, 39 GB is shown in files in Installer, could this be right?

  canarieslover 13:16 09 Nov 2008

I've just checked and I don't even have an Installer folder See if this helps click here

  canarieslover 13:35 09 Nov 2008

Just found this on another forum It seems that you are not the only one suffering.

If they are installer MSP files then this may work as I have just helped clear 20Gb from another system

Download and install the MSI Cleanup utility
click here;en-us;290301
This will create a new folder in program files

Then click start > run and type or copy/paste in the following

"C:\Program Files\Windows Installer Clean Up\msizap" G!

and as the name suggests it will zap the unneeded msp files that are not registered

  canarieslover 13:39 09 Nov 2008

Sorry bad link in previous message.
click here

  gartoy 15:42 09 Nov 2008

Have you emptied the recycle bin?

  robinhood1 16:13 09 Nov 2008

canarieslover, thank you so much, I now have 38Gb free space, kind regards

  canarieslover 19:50 09 Nov 2008

Glad I was of some assistance.

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