memory full !

  nobrain 13:55 14 Sep 2003

Hi My computer is saying my memory is full and a sign keeps coming up that says "P2P Networking cant start server " i have called Aol but cant help me told me to call Pc world! any one no what i can do ? my memory seems to have 72% on it , thanks

  Jester2K II 13:58 14 Sep 2003

Kazaa?? Or simalar installed??

  Jester2K II 14:12 14 Sep 2003

oopps yep i still have kazza on it ! slap my wrist ! i dont use it as it takes so long just for one song ! if i uninstall Kazza will i be ok ? cheers

I don't know if that'll fix it but thats whats causing the "P2P Networking cant start server " message.

What spec is your PC?

  nobrain 14:16 14 Sep 2003

Whats a speck ?? didnt do computers at school !! window 2000 xp 3 months old ,

  nobrain 14:24 14 Sep 2003

i used Kazzabegone and checked my memory and its gone up to 79 % now !

  Jester2K II 14:34 14 Sep 2003

Spec = Specification - Make and model will do.

Sounds like you might have loads of applications starting up when Windows boots....

  Jester2K II 14:57 14 Sep 2003

Its a Packard Bell 5057 TFT is that any help ??


just looking for receipt, yep it said too many windows are open ! sorry any idea how to shut them as i have no idea ! thanks for your help

OK you need to look at whats starting with your PC and decide if you need it running on start up.

As you you had Kazaa i would run Ad-Aware click here and Spybot click here to kill of any remaining Spyware


Download Autoruns click here Run it and goto the View Menu and select Copy To Clipboard.

Paste the result back here.

  nobrain 15:07 14 Sep 2003

Cheers downloading ad aware i have spy bot will do that next and get back to you. thanks

  nobrain 15:29 14 Sep 2003

Downloaded Autoruns and installed it and now completly lost !! i think i going wait for my brother to get home so he can talk me through this,Many thanks ,that Ad-Aware is good .

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