Memory during copying.

  carper 10:36 08 Jul 2009

I am trying to copy to paste an article which includes a photograph but a message keeps coming up that says I have not enough memory.
How can I increase the memory available to copy and paste. Any help appreciated. Regards Carper

  Graphicool1 12:12 08 Jul 2009

Vista or XP?

Where are you coying from and where to?

What programmes are you using?

How much memory have you got...
Both RAM and available HDD space?

  carper 13:03 08 Jul 2009

Thanks for your reply.
XP Home
Copying between two programmes, one on Word Publisher origin in Word publisher.
640Mb of Ram at least 300 gig on external disc which I am using for this project
Hope this helps,
Regards Carper

  Confab 13:10 08 Jul 2009

Just copy & paste say one quarter of it then the next quarter then the next etc until it’s all copied and pasted

  Graphicool1 13:42 08 Jul 2009

Try what 'Confab' is suggesting. If you still have a problem download (if you haven't already got it) 'CCleaner' it's Free and safe click here it will clean out all your temporary files and history.

  Sea Urchin 14:27 08 Jul 2009

This error can be caused by Kaspersky AV

Otherwise you could try dragging and dropping

  robin_x 04:01 09 Jul 2009

I also have a memory problem (maybe connected).

Until I sort out a proper backup system, I make an extra copy of my Outlook.pst and Favorites at bootup.

I do this by the clunky method of a batch file in Windows Startup folder. Don't laugh, I'm an old timer.
It's named MyAutoexec.bat and just copies outlook.pst to the desktop and Favorites\*.* to a folder also on the desktop.

While copying Favorites I get "Insufficient Memory"

See screenshot click here

I did have Kaspersky but uninstalled it by Revo Uninstaller.

I have run ccCleaner.

Windows manages my Virtual Memory.
2.5GB RAM, HDD 90GB Used, 55GB Free

Compaq Presario Desktop. XP SP3.

Any further ideas anyone?

  carper 09:14 09 Jul 2009

Thanks for your replies and discussion. I use Ccleaner after every session and do not have Kapersky. I normally have no trouble copying and pasting but in this instance, the page is very full and includes two photographs.
I was under the impression that there was a sort of memory "Buffer" which could be increased when necessary. Looks like I am back to pasting in bits

  interzone55 09:52 09 Jul 2009

Windows handles the page file pretty well, and expands it when necessary - the page file is on your internal drive though, so if that's getting full it could be your problem.

Turn off your AV whilst doing the copy, as it will try to scan the file whilst you're copying it.

How are the photo's stored in the word document - if they're embedded they could have been turned into bitmaps. I've just done a little job for a colleague where he wanted 2 word documents in a single MS Publisher page, from two 300kb files with smallish photos embedded I suddenly had a 39mb file.

Instead I used Acrobat Professional to make the single page document and dropped the file size to 148kb.

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