Memory Dual Channel DDE 400

  nick35 08:22 26 Mar 2004

I have an ASUS A7N8X Deluxe motherboard and want to upgrade the memory.

The motherboard supports Dual Channel. Is it better to buy 1 x 512 stick (maybe corsair xms 3200)or 2 x twin x 256 sticks to utilise the dual channel function.

Is it even worth inceasing to 1024 ram, 2 x 512 which is very expensive.

My processor is an AMD 2500 Barton core


  Diodorus Siculus 08:42 26 Mar 2004

1024Mb RAM will only be of value if you do a lot of intensive work; video editing, high end databases etc.

Otherwise 2x256 will more than suffice and will utilise the dual channel capabilities of the mobo. However, if you plan on upgrading RAM in the future, then go with one 512Mb chip now and then get the other when you can afford it.

  temp003 09:34 26 Mar 2004

I think the Barton 2500+ have a FSB of 333MHz? Then even single channel DDR400 memory already has a wider bandwidth than the FSB, and dual channel will not make much more difference (but it won't hurt). So one or 2 sticks doesn't matter.

What existing memory do you use? If you are using DDR333, then it may be a better option to buy one more stick of DDR333 of the same amount. Then you have more RAM; memory and FSB are running synchronously; and dual channel for what it's worth - unless you think having more DDR333 is not a good idea because they will be phased out in future systems (but then again, DDR400 will be phased out too).

  nick35 10:25 26 Mar 2004


Yes the barton 2500+ does have a FSB of 333mhz.

Currently I am using unbranded 512 PC2700 memory

  temp003 11:08 26 Mar 2004

Since you already have 512MB of DDR333 memory, and the Barton FSB is also 333MHz, it's quite pukka.

If 512MB is enough for you (and it seems so), you don't really need to upgrade.

Theoretically, the extra bandwidth provided by DDR400 on your system can be used by DMA enabled devices (such as hard disks and CDROMs), but then the FSB and memory are not running at the same speed, causing higher latency. So overall there won't be much real gain in performance. Unless you're constantly using memory intensive applications, you won't need the extra bandwidth provided by DDR400.

It definitely seems a big waste to ditch 512MB of DDR333.

But if you're really keen to use DDR400, I would get one stick of 512MB as suggested by Diodorus.

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