Memory disappearing fast (?)

  RIPInspiron 22:33 30 Nov 2009

I installed a new hard disk and partioned it with C drive of 25G.
I installed all the software on DVD that came with the machine, including Vista Home and Works. Added to that is AVG 9 and probably 50 internet short-cuts. I have deliberately loaded nothing else from anywhere.
Unfortuantely I can't remember the space occupied on C drive by that lot once it was installed, but I think it was around 16G. Early this evening the available space was 1.9G - it is now 1.8.

What space should the program load occupy? (is my memory of around 16G even close?)
Where do I start to look for junk? Given all that I would loose would be (dozens and dozens) of settings, is a reformat and reload the simplest option?

Machine is an Inspiron 1525

  bremner 22:38 30 Nov 2009

Unfortuntaely 25Gb is nowhere near enough space for an O/S like Vista.

MS recommend a minimum 40GB of HDD click here.

  MAT ALAN 22:43 30 Nov 2009

Your title is a tad confusing cos memory has nothing to do with drive space,

click here

drive space required shown in link

use the prog in this link it will tell you exactly what you have allocated and to where...

click here

  Woolwell 22:44 30 Nov 2009

You need room for system restore and search indexing, etc. Vista Home manages with less than 40Gb but by the time you add all of the other programs you will not have much left.
Why partition it and what size is the new hard drive?

  RIPInspiron 22:50 30 Nov 2009

I think the link confirms what I remember - 15G when installed???

  bremner 08:03 01 Dec 2009

From the link

"40 GB hard drive with at least 15 GB of available space"

You have created your hard drive at 25GB.

  RIPInspiron 10:50 01 Dec 2009

Thanks for the comments - and the link to the freeware - having started looking through the contents of the hard drive, that was what I had wished for.
In part the problem has come about because of the message displayed onscreen on installing Vista, at the point where you choose to partition or not - where it says that MS recommends at least 15G for drive C (or words that imply exactly that).

I think I now know the answer, but what I should perhaps have asked is whether the basic MS software load (Vista Home Premium and Works, aroung 16G at install), should have grown to around 25G with nothing but use of the PC and the saving of a few internet shortcuts.

The reason that I elected to partition the disc was perhaps nieve - I had hoped that by doing so, it would make backing-up critical files that much easier by storing them all on D drive.
Hard drive is 300G.

  Les28 11:06 01 Dec 2009

As already mentioned system restore will want its 15% of available space, unless you reduce this amount and windows swap file will want perhaps 1-3 times the size of your ram memory and the recycle bin may want 10% of free space unless you alter that, all these things will show up when you've installed the operating system and perhaps are the cause of your shrinking free space.

  bremner 11:22 01 Dec 2009

You could consider using gparted click here to resize the partitions and give the O/S at least 60GB.

As Les28 has said it will be the Pagefile, Recycle Bin and System restore that will have eaten up your space.

It would be better for Microsoft to be more specific in their minimum hard drive space requirements so that installers are more aware of exactly how much space will be required when the O/S is up and running.

  RIPInspiron 11:24 01 Dec 2009

Reading between the lines - reformat the whole drive and go from there seems the only answer?

Based on your numbers Les, should I choose to partition the drive again, with 300G HDD and 3G RAM, C drive would have to be no less than around 100G.

  Les28 12:09 01 Dec 2009

I think Vista system restore by default only monitors the system drive C drive, in most cases XP tends to monitor every hard drive that's plugged in, a bit of a fault in XP maybe as it is recommended to only monitor the system drive for restore purposes.

Anyway in your case SR will reserve 15% for itself of your C drive, on my partners Vista machine I've reduced that amount to 4GB of her 160 GB C drive, this explains how to do that using the vssadim resize from an elevated command prompt.

click here

Recycle bin reduction

click here

Swap file you are best to leave alone, if you reinstall or resize to a larger partition, and maybe 100GB is a bit much just for the operating system, you can then after install limit the amount used by SR and recycle bin and keep the minimum 15 GB available free space.

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