memory dilema

  Hrosir 19:23 30 Jan 2007

could someone answer what is no doubt a silly question; what is the difference between ddr 3200 and ddr 4000.Is there any speed differnce at all?

  sean-278262 19:28 30 Jan 2007

4000 is faster memory. But only faster if your system supports the extra speed on the motherboard so without a model of system we cant tell you. Most people wont notice the difference at all. even less will need that extra boost unless they multitask or play games.

  Hrosir 20:21 30 Jan 2007

the motherboard is an Elite NFORCE4-A939 with 1GB of DDR3200 memory using an Athlon 64 3800 cpu and PCI 7600GT card. I do use it for games as you suggest so your opinion counts thank you.

  Totally-braindead 20:26 30 Jan 2007

It uses DDR3200 so thats what you need. Go to Crucial and scan your computer click here

  sean-278262 20:27 30 Jan 2007

If you intend to keep the ddr3200 then getting a 4000 stick wont make it any faster however if the board (not checked) supports it getting both matched as 4000s will make a small difference. 3200 will do you fine if you are going to the 2gb mark. But using a 4000 will only work at 3200 speed.

However if a new computer might be on the cards spending £1-2 on a 4000 one and when you replace the system you can take it out and insert it in the new PC as 4000 is starting to become more mainstream. Personally I would just take the 3200.

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