Memory different in BIOS to actual stick?

  stugra 18:57 11 Sep 2005

My memory stick is a 400Mhz 184pin 512Mb PC3200 DDR RAM DIMM

In BIOS it says "DDR1 is 512MB/166MHz (DDR333)

Please can you advise if the BIOS or the stick is lieing, or have I got confused here??

Motherboard = Asrock K7S8X
Processor is Athlon 2500+ Barton

Many thanks in advance!

  Number 7 19:47 11 Sep 2005

PC3200 DDR memory will run at 400MHz, 333Mhz and 266Mhz, depending on the speed of the Front Side Bus.

The 2500+ Barton CPU runs at a FSB setting of 166MHz and the corresponding DDR modules will run at 333MHz- twice the speed of the FSB.

For the CPU you have, the memory is running at the correct speed.

You have memory that will run faster than your current CPU requires.

  stugra 19:51 11 Sep 2005

What a fanatastic and easy to understand answer!

Many thanks to you.

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