Memory could not be read message

  cowgirl66 09:32 20 Nov 2006


Since installing Norton Internet Security 2007 over v. 2006, I am getting this error message at shutdown.

The Instruction at 0x7c910f29 referenced memory at 0x04fb9de1. The memory could not be read. To end, press OK.

I have run the eventvwr in Run as advised by Vog and am wondering if it's a hardware or software error.

The computer doesn't freeze, I dont' even have to click on OK to end it, it shuts down automatically after displaying this error message for a couple of secs.

  Probabilitydrive 09:49 20 Nov 2006

No easy answer to that as "Instruction cannot be read errors" can be caused by bad memory, faulty CPU, bad drivers, hardware conflicts, faulty programming, (to name a few causes.)

I'm sure the good peple of forumland can giveyou more pointers. I had this errors in the past and it was caused by an add-on in Firefox.

For a discussion on this go to click here

  cowgirl66 10:20 20 Nov 2006

I've read your link thanks Probability but not much help there either as they say it could be down to hardware, corrupted memory, adware/viruses, and software!

I've done a system restore to take me back to pre-Norton 2007 and guess what? It's still on the system. And I used two different restore points too,both pre-Norton. I have noticed that each time I shut down the referenced memory reads as a different number/code.

  Probabilitydrive 10:40 20 Nov 2006

Cowgirl66, Unfortunately, I dont have any answer for the referenced memory error message.

As you probably have seen in the link, the causes are many and confusing to say the least.

It seems that it has to do with your upgrade NIS 2007, and as far as I recall you unistalled NIS 2006, bought NIS 2007 (???). Somewhere along this path the incident causing the error message must have occured.

Find out if the NIS 2007 user have encountered the same problem.
Sorry for not being able to come up with an answer.

  cowgirl66 19:20 20 Nov 2006

I can thankfully say I've cured the problem. I uninstalled both versions of Norton security, did a registry cleanup with Ccleaner then reinstaled Norton Internet Security v.2006 which has caused no problems.

I am not now having error messages when shutting down and everything is tickety-boo!

Thanks though, Probabilitydrive; I just thought you would like to know that all's well this end.

Regards cowgirl66

  Probabilitydrive 21:10 20 Nov 2006

PFFiiiuuuhhh, lovely to hear that you found an answer, well done. It was invalueable to know that it was Norton, which had thrown the error tantrum.

Unistalling and reinstalling was a very good move.
As you have seen in my link: people had to go to great length to find their individual answer (or not in many cases) because the cause is/was unknown.

(...I have to be more analytical..I have to be more analytical...I have to.....-dont worry, its just my inner dialogue ;-)

  cowgirl66 10:10 21 Nov 2006

(I've still be thinking about why this had to happen. And then a light at the end of the tunnel appeared. This computer came with an old version of Norton antivirus - 2002 - preinstalled. And the other day I used the Norton removal tool which is reputed to rid you of all Norton files. Maybe it was doing this which caused the error and not the installation of NIS 2007 at all. If the tool wiped out a couple of files from the SmartRestore folder, maybe this gave my computer tummyache. Doing the system resore would have corrected it.)

Oh well, we can only wonder, but never really know!

Regards cowgirl66

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