memory compatible???

  Space Aware 20:36 11 Sep 2006

I've recently bought 2 of these memory rams for my new pc...

HP / Compaq 355951-888 512MB 1X8 PC2-4200 533MHz

My motherboard is a ASRock P4v88 which specifies that it supports up to pc3200 ( i think)

Are my new modules pc 4200?

What would be the result of using pc4200 in a pc3200 mobo?

Thanx in advance!! ;-)

  Space Aware 20:37 11 Sep 2006

heres a link to my memory modules
click here

  sean-278262 20:38 11 Sep 2006

your new models are PC4200 DDR2 as I understand this is only supported by certain Intel based motherboards. If you go here click here you can find out what specifications of memory your system supports.

  Space Aware 20:41 11 Sep 2006

click here These are the results for my mobo,
So my question is... what happens if I install the memory I bought? Will I do any damage? Will I get the full potential from them?

  sean-278262 20:44 11 Sep 2006

As far as I understand it wont work in your system as the Ram is not compatable.

  Space Aware 20:45 11 Sep 2006

ps, my mobo does support ddr2 !!

  sean-278262 20:49 11 Sep 2006

Memory - Dual Channel DDR memory technology
- Supports DDR400/333/266
- DIMM slots: 4
- Max. capacity: 4GB

No as far as ASRock say it is not supported.

  Space Aware 20:50 11 Sep 2006

so even if my mobo supports ddr2 it still wont work? oh dear!

  sean-278262 20:51 11 Sep 2006

If your mobo supports DDR2 ram sticks it will work but according to the official site it is only dual channel DDR that is supported.

  Space Aware 20:56 11 Sep 2006

wow, i saw that on the official site, but the handbook defo says supports ddr2, it even tells me to put ddr2 rams in the black slots (ram)

  sean-278262 21:00 11 Sep 2006

What the manual says is

"Installation of Memory Modules (DIMM)
P4V88/P4V88+ motherboard provides four 184-pin DDR (Double Data Rate)
DIMM slots, and supports Dual Channel Memory Technology. For dual channel
configuration, you always need to install identical (the same brand, speed,
size and chip-type) DDR DIMM pair in the slots of the same color. In other words,
you have to install identical DDR DIMM pair in Dual Channel A (DDR1 and
DDR3; Blue slots; see p.8 No.6) or identical DDR DIMM pair in Dual Channel B
(DDR2 and DDR4; Black slots; see p.8 No.10), so that Dual Channel Memory"

aka you need to pair memory off aka put memory in dual channel arrangement. I can see no mention of DDR2 other than the second slot for DDR aka DDR2 in the manual. It is quite unclear if you ask me.

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