Memory compatibility confusion

  noobtype 15:51 05 Mar 2007

I want to get another Gig of Ram but i'm confused by compatibility issues. I notice on Ebay that some have 260 pins and some 184. The pins are are the golden strips that connect, right? Are both compatible? I have a modern Packard Bell PC with 4 Ram slots, two pairs of colour-coded slots and 2 512mb cards inserted. What's the difference, if any, between the coloured slots? I just don't want to buy anything that isn't compatible.

  johndrew 16:01 05 Mar 2007

Use the Crucial Memory Scanner click here to tell you what you have and what you can install.

Also, be aware that buying `cheap` memory can be a false economy.

  robbiepaul79 16:31 05 Mar 2007

Agreed with Johndrew on this one you cant go wrong with crucial advice, it helped me just afew weeks ago whilst grabbing a good deal on ebay.

  noobtype 17:40 05 Mar 2007

cheers I had actually found that site already but was rather alarmed by the expensive modules that it was telling me to get. So i should forget the cheap memory idea then...

  Totally-braindead 18:48 05 Mar 2007

There are many different types of memory. Crucial guarantees their memory will work and if you click the scan my system on their website it will tell you what you have, how much memory the board can take and what type of memory is supported.
Even if you use the Crucial info and buy elsewhere its up to you.
I've had problems with cheap memory and I think its a false economy but its your choice.

  Totally-braindead 20:56 05 Mar 2007

By email "Do the suggestions on the Crucial website take into account the amount of memory the mobo can take, as a friend has advised me (not sure how righ he is) that the number of slots I have is immaterial if the mobo will not support it. i have used the method of entering the info on my pc with Crucial, and also the method whereby they do it for you - i.e. work out what pc you have. The latter says i can have a whole 8 gig, but the former doesnt, unless i missed it. "

You say the results are different, how different? The Scan My System usually gives you info on what is already installed and therefore the amount you can take is less if you get what I mean.

Can you tell me the model number of your packard bell computer?

  Totally-braindead 21:00 05 Mar 2007

Regarding your friend by the way he is right. A motherboard can have 4 slots as an example and may only be able to take 1 gig in each giving a total of 4 gig or it might have 4 slots capable of taking 2 gig in each giving your 8 gig.
Mine has 4 slots and can take up to 4 gig of memory, no more than 1 gig per slot.

  terryf 21:24 05 Mar 2007

But my winxp home and mobo combination will only see 3gb even if I plug in 4 x 1gb modules so I have ended up with 2 x 512 mb and 2 x 1 gb modules

  noobtype 22:57 06 Mar 2007

Ok, I have ddr pc2 5100 Ram, with 240 pins. I'm not sure of the PC model as it was refurbished with no literature. I found out that I have a sunshine GA-8I915PMD motherboard and this is what it supports. Does that mean that a module with any other number of pin will not work?

  terryf 23:00 06 Mar 2007

Yes, you must install memory with the same number of pins as the memory slots on your mobo which has Four 240-pin DDR2 SDRAM DIMM sockets according to click here

  al7478 00:32 07 Mar 2007

'twas i who emailed. when i get it to do a system scan, it tells me i can have 8GB, but when i use the method of going through the 3 steps - manufacturer, model, product line - it says the most i can have is 4GB (2x2).

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