Memory - CL=2 or CL = 3

  stonehills 12:40 08 Mar 2004

When ordering memeory I was given the choice of CL = 3 0r CL = 2 everything else appeared the same, what this about and what is the difference?

  Lionheart ? 12:48 08 Mar 2004

Basically the higher thenumber the slower the clock cycle.

CL stands for "CAS latency," which is the number of clock cycles it takes before data starts to flow once a command is received. Low CAS latency is faster than high CAS latency. However, faster memory will NOT necessarily make your system faster. Your computer will only run as fast as the "slowest link" in your system, so you can't speed up your computer by adding memory that is faster than your current memory. The way to make your system faster is to add more megabytes (MB) of memory.

  The Sack 14:15 08 Mar 2004

PC2700 CAS2 RAM will run very comfy at PC3200 CAS3. This goes for PC100 CAS2 will run comfy at PC133 CAS3 etc.

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