memory causing crash

  patso 23:15 15 Jul 2008

i just tried installing a 1 gig dimm in my pc and it is after causing it to crash.when i rebooted after the install i got the error message- Hardware Monitor found an error enter power setup for details-,i may as well be looking for a needle in a haystack as finding the was recognising the ram when i finally kept exiting and got in to window(xp home)but my pc was at 100% usage,my pc says its able to handle 2 gig of ram max and is compatible with2700 and 3200 speed,i have 1x 3200 in and bought the new one from crucual after using its on line scanner which is also 3200 1 gig,when i boot up now my pc keeps entering the bios and i dont know what to do ,i keep exiting to get in to windows.any help please and what do i do about the ram,can i return it?all help welcome as i am afraid to try a reinstall of the ram in case i blow it altogether,i am in dire straits as to what to do ,thanks

  mrwoowoo 03:10 16 Jul 2008

Make sure you have installed the ram in slot 1 and slot 3 of the four slots if you have them.
Make sure the ram is pushed firmly in until the white clips click into place as they can take a bit of pushing.
If ok,could be a bad stick.
Also check your temps in the bios as it could be cpu or motherboard overheating.
Or download and install
Could also be a failing psu as well,although sinse the ram was the last thing you did,then the ram is favourite.
What motherboard do you have?

  patso 15:36 16 Jul 2008

here is the info from my pc
Manufacturer ASUSTeK Computer INC.
Property Version REV 1.xx
Chipset Model SiS651 CPU to PCI Bridge
CPU Intel Celeron Cpu Socket-Socket 478 [PGA 478]Max CPU Speed 3200 MHz
it says that my system can handle 2gig of memory
i will try a reinstall later this evening and see what happens as it tokk me ages to get back up and running after i took out the ram stick- i will post back to let you know ,sorry about the late post as it was late last nght when the crash happened ,thanks again

  Giggle n' Bits 15:42 16 Jul 2008

is it onboard ? I have see this error where a Graphics card hasn't got enough power, also make sure the Memory is fully locked into the dimm sockets, check the white or which ever colour them gate locks are.

  Jim_F 16:22 16 Jul 2008

Having been bitten myself I strongly recommend you run memtest from a boot disk on each stick of RAM in turn and then together: click here

This saves testing on your OS and data and (in the end) saved me much time and hassle - just wish I done it first !

  patso 16:30 16 Jul 2008

how do i find out which graphic card i hvae?where do i go in my pc to find the info?i have found this in device manager display adapter SiS_651_M650_M652_740 is this it,i presume its on board.i have a compaq monitor by HP its FP1706 model,the locks are white and they were fully my comp properties it was recognising the ram as 2 gb but the pc was on 100%usage all the time?

  patso 17:22 16 Jul 2008

thanks jim f theres an awful lot of stuff on that link which one do i download and how do i use the prog ,can you explain how i test each stick.the one i have is in slot 2,just cgoogled my motherboard its ASUSP4S533-MX,it says on the site it can only handle 2 gig of pc 2700 ram,yet the ram i have is 1gig of3200,i think my pc maybe cant handle the 2gig as the max speed is 3200 ,maybe the processor cant handle it,i will put the link in if you can check it for me and post back ,as it says nothing except it can handle 2 gig of 2700 only thanks,click here

  Ditch999 22:06 16 Jul 2008

You probably need to go in to the bios and set the ram to run at 333 mhz and you might also have to set the timings manually.
The timing settings you are looking for are named CAS, tRCD (RAS to CAS Delay), tRPD (Row Precharge Time), tRAS (Min RAS Active Time) and should have numbers beside them. Set CAS to 3, tRCD to 4, tRPD to 4 and tRAS to 8.
These will be safe settings. If you know your memory timings, something like 2.5-3-3-7 you can set them as that. Just remember that you have to set them to the slowest stick ie the highest numbers.

  Ditch999 22:08 16 Jul 2008

the 3200 (400mhz) will work ok in your system. It will just run at 2700 (333mhz) speeds.

  Jim_F 22:51 16 Jul 2008

The memtest version depends on what boot device you want to use - a DOS floppy is easiest so you'd download the pre-compiled pazkage for Floppy - latest version. Instructions are in the zip but what you're basically doing is creating a disk that you boot and test your system on - you don't touch Windows or any data on your hard disk.

I'd reboot and test each memory stick on its own to prove that the new memory is not faulty.

As Ditch999 points out it is possible that timings are different between the two sticks of RAM which you may be able to fix by relaxing the timings. Its also possible that the layout is different which can sometimes cause problems but the Crucial lookup should have avoided this.

For the bios it should have an option like 'failsafe defaults' which give you the best chance of getting the system stable. I'd also do a CSI style inspection of the mobo to make sure you haven't disturbed a connector somewhere.

I hope this helps

  patso 23:59 29 Aug 2008

used prog to test the memory all seems ok thanks again will post back if any more problems cheers

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