Memory Cards- best buys please

  Hinny 20:48 16 Jan 2003
  Hinny 20:48 16 Jan 2003

Any advice on where the best bys for Smartmedia and Secure Digital cards would be most welcome. Cheers

  Elrond 20:50 16 Jan 2003
  Hinny 20:54 17 Jan 2003

Thanks for the advice, Have you tried click here ?. The prices at 7dayshop are good but I can't find on either website if the price includes vat. Fotosense quotes before and after vat. If 7day shop includes vat, then I could be inerested. Cheers

  Hinny 19:27 22 Jan 2003

I checked about five websites and compared prices, I need a 128mb smartmedia card and a 128mb secure digital card. prices varied and I settled on Jessops. However I called into a Jessops shop, just to check and see how prices compared with the internet. The smartmedia card was £47.99 online, and £64.99 on display in the shop. When I said I could get it online at the lower price, surpise, surprise he said they had not had time to change the price. I have to add overall Jessops are an extremely helpfull and customer friendly shop, so this is not a complaint at all, however it did come as a surprise but it wont stop me from shopping there.
Cheers and thanks again.

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