Memory "booked"?

  Diemmess 15:57 20 Dec 2005

Just a niggle and it has a work-around!

After running either Corel Draw, Corel Photopaint, and I suspect Acrobat, but not Word, if I then try to go on line,...... the process stalls at the sign on screen.
The only sure way out of this seems to be to restart the computer.
In some circumstances I "add a new location" at the sign on screen and this may do the trick.
If I go online FIRST,...... anything loaded afterwards behaves normally.

Is this some critical memory address which is not released by the heavyweight apps, or poor code writing by the ISP which perhaps tries to address a particular part of memory and has no alternative if this is already in use?

If anyone is still interested in this post, the background is Windows 2000 and 1Gb of RAM. Yes, the BB ISP is Aol
The problem doesn't often occur perhaps because I am usually online soon after switching on. I'm just curious.

  recap 16:07 20 Dec 2005

Have you tried Ctrl+Alt+Delete to end the tasks of the previous used programs? If these programs are still running in the background then they are still using memory, this may be a reason for the internet stalling.

  Diemmess 16:32 20 Dec 2005

I haven't tried cntrl-alt-del for this problem because the computer isn't freezing. I can cancel the sign on screen and then have a bleat from Aol that it cannot connect, which is 'lies' and not a wizard to follow!

More to the point even if I close the big apps. first the problem is there, while if I go online first, I can use any or all of the heavyweights at the same time without a hitch

  woodchip 16:35 20 Dec 2005

Right click Task Bar. "Task Manager" see what’s hogging the memory

  Diemmess 17:11 20 Dec 2005

Interesting, thank you

Memory usage graph is steady at the low edge BUT Acrobat.exe is shown in Processes as using 37K even though it is not listed in Applications!!!?

Both Corel apps if loaded use about 34K each but disappear in if closed.

Apart from a host of Windows (I hope)things majority using < 10k
There is WAOL.exe The main exec Aol file, which is using 103K, but obviously I'm using it now, actively.

  woodchip 21:37 20 Dec 2005

It just may be you AV that's keeping a tight hold on things being run. Try with it disabled but do not go on the net like that, also check Firewall

  Diemmess 09:13 05 Jan 2006

Another one down to Aol or its confuguration on my computer.....
My original problem became worse and occurred even on the first attempt to go online in the day.
By this time I had half a dozen "locations" stored on Aol with only the latest still working.

I deleted every location.
Then "Add new location" once again.

No further problems since. (Clutching large baulk of timber)

  Diemmess 15:34 15 Jan 2006

A bit late but a benediction for those who care to look?

The original problem didn't go away for long. and then quite by chance I used the Issues function of CCleaner for the first time.........

This discovered a huge list of useless registry entries. I made the suggested backup and "fixed" the list.

The whole comupter seems to have benefitted but most of all the BB/Aol internet connection. I'm online in a few seconds. I cannot remember a time when it has been so regularly fast. Even at the beginning there were one or two hitches with installing BB. The download speed is unchanged.

My vote goes to CClean as a very versatile 'crud' cleaner

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