havent a clue 15:03 22 Jul 2003

when l go to system information where it said memory in red reads 63MB (100%load) can someone help me meet the recommended system requirements PLEASE.

  plankton 15:15 22 Jul 2003

If you know what your computer is (Make/model etc) then this site click here will help you find out what memory you need. Then shop around (unless you want to buy it there), or go to an auction site like e-bay to buy.

  plankton 16:37 28 Jul 2003

I'm not sure whether I read your question right in the first place.....doh! Did you mean you wanted to buy more memory, or find out how much your PC's got now? If it's the latter go to "My computer" (either a desktop icon, or a pop-up from pressing "Start", depending on which Windows you're running), right click on the mouse and then click on "Properties". On the "General" page it shows your total memory.

  DieSse 17:37 28 Jul 2003

"can someone help me meet the recommended system requirements"

What recommended ststem requirements are we talking about here? - for what purpose?

You need to tell us more about your computer, and what you want more memory for in order to get good help.

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