Jane doe 22:27 07 Feb 2003

Quickie for you bods out there. I am looking for more memory for my home computer. On ebay a guy is selling loads of DDR memory for £50 for a 512 stick. Now I popped the one chip of memory out of my machine earlier and on the side it says on a white label 'Simply Comp. DDR 333' and Samsung in white writing on the green bit. So I emailed the guy and said I want compatible memory. He replied saying his memory is either PC2100 or PC2700 and either will match. Is this correct please? The numbers dont match what I have seen. Ive also looked on Novatech site but cant see anything that says 333 there. Thanks lads.

  mikef™ 22:40 07 Feb 2003

Go to click here and put your computer details in, they really are the best and any thing you buy will be guaranteed.

  DieSse 22:45 07 Feb 2003

DDR333 is PC2700. PC2100 (DDR266) may not work in your system - but it depends on other factors.

Samsung memory would normally be regarded as 1st grade (assuming it was mfrd by Samsung, using Samsung chips.

There are two lower grades of RAM, which may or may not be fully up to specification.

  Poloman69 22:49 07 Feb 2003

Novatech user eh - me too (great site - buy from them loads of times)

Do you have the latest catalogue?

If yes in the memory section it shows 184 pin pc2700 (333MHz) DDR RAM. I think this is what he means by 333.

The PC2100 runs at 266MHz, whilst the PC2700 runs at 333MHz. Then you have PC3200 with runs at 400MHz (faster still)

The main thing you have to check is if your motherboard is compatible or not. Some motherboards do not support different types of ram.

What processor do you have, and what type of motherboard are you using.

Where can you get 512M of ram for £50 - thats a bargin (is it new or used?)

  Jane doe 22:58 07 Feb 2003

Thanks mikef. I have just visited there but cant see anything that says DDR333. They sell PC2100 and PC2700 bur 333 is not mentioned at all. I need to exactly match my existing memory dont I? Thanks

  Poloman69 23:03 07 Feb 2003

Jane - check out my bit - it'll answer your query

  DieSse 23:04 07 Feb 2003

Er - both the last two replies have said that PC2700 is DDR333.

  Poloman69 23:06 07 Feb 2003

sorry diesse (didn't see your bit - my apologies)

  Jane doe 23:09 07 Feb 2003

DieSse thanks for info but why is this so confusing Why does DDr333 mean PC2700? On second thoughts dont answer I probably wont understand. I will take it that the memory I need is PC2700.
Poloman69 Its a Gigabyte GA-VR7XP on the crucial site it shows several compatible memories but not DDR333 but now Thanks to DieSse I take it DDR333 is the same as PC2700. DDR memory is being sold at the moment on ebay do a search same as me and you will see. On Crucila its £79 on Ebay £50. Is there a difference in quality? From what DieSse says there must be. Thanks Lads. Goodnight. X

  Jane doe 23:15 07 Feb 2003

DieSse I didnt see the earlier replies as I was typing and drinking wine at the time. They only came up when I pressed post. Ill order from Crucial its a company and likely more reliable. Thanks for help lads. Night.

  DieSse 23:27 07 Feb 2003

Being on the PCA site and drinking wine - bliss - must off to get a glass or three.


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