Ç̧ÇØ 14:46 01 May 2007

I recently bought a new Dell 9200
the spec for the pc says it should have:
Memory Dual Channel 2048MB (4x512) 533MHz DDR2

I was looking at upgrading the memory but when i run the "Orca PC Wizard" it reports PC 4100 266MHz.

Can anyone tell me is this a reliable memory identity
tool or did Dell install the wrong memory.

  Kate B 14:47 01 May 2007

Hmm, I'd see what Belarc reports click here

  Ç̧ÇØ 14:59 01 May 2007

Belarc just tells the amount of memory installed, no details.

try the crucial scanner instead
click here

  Smiler 15:16 01 May 2007

"DDR (Double Data Rate)
A type of SDRAM that doubles the amount of data transferred per clock cycle by transmitting data on both the rising and falling edge of the clock cycle, which is a wave. This allows the memory to operate at double the effective speed without actually requiring an increase in the clock cycle speed."

from click here
So all is well as the memory processes data at twice 266 which is 533.

You need two of these
click here

  Ç̧ÇØ 15:25 01 May 2007

Thank you smiler,
wuould it be an avantage for me to got for faster the 533MHz

  Smiler 16:10 01 May 2007

As I explained above ddr2 running at 266MHz IS 533MHz
and is what I've directed you to.

  keef66 16:43 01 May 2007

I suspect a typo and he's (she's) asking whether to go for faster than 533.

Depends on the fsb of the motherboard or whether considering overclocking it.

Do you have the spec of the mobo handy?

  Smiler 16:59 01 May 2007

Sorry misread your post.
Don't know whether it's worth the extra to go for faster memory as I don't know what sort of use you wll be putting it to.
If it's gaming then faster is better but at double the price is it worth it.

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