memory of 27mb just installed extra !

  pat-212841 09:48 28 Feb 2005

Hi i installed 265mb on top of the 256 i already had it then showed i had 448 mb but today when i check to see how much i have after unistalling a lot of things it now shows 27.28 mb ! i only installed windows SP2 done disc clean up. Where it all gone ??

  Yoda Knight 09:54 28 Feb 2005

I think ur confusing available hard drive space with amount of ram on your system

  Gongoozler 09:55 28 Feb 2005

Where is this 27.28 mb reported?

  pat-212841 09:57 28 Feb 2005

Hi i did another check on computer on Cruical site it says out of 448mb i only have 27.28 and i should add more !! but i just added 256mb

  Gongoozler 10:02 28 Feb 2005

Right click on "My Computer" and select "Properties". How much RAM does it say you have?

  pat-212841 10:11 28 Feb 2005

on HDD<c> 72.5GB free space 65.4 GB Aol does a system infomation and that says 27.28 as well

  pat-212841 10:15 28 Feb 2005

memory 448Mb total, 88% load thats what it says on aol system info

  Gongoozler 10:15 28 Feb 2005

Hi nohope. Yes, but what does your computer say. Look in the "My Computer" properties and see what it says.

  Storik 10:17 28 Feb 2005

Have you onboard graphics? If so, check in the BIOS to see how much memory is allocated to this - although I don't suppose for one moment that it is as much as you have apparently lost. lol

Try removing the new memory module and check to see what amount of memory shows up.

A memory munching gremlin could be the cause lol (just joking)


  Gongoozler 10:19 28 Feb 2005

Another useful check is to download and run Belarc Advisor click here. Have a look at the report under Memory Modules, and see what it finds in each memory slot.

  Storik 10:21 28 Feb 2005

Sorry, I thought nohope had already done what you suggested - which, of course, is the most obvious thing to do.


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