sibaw 18:38 25 Mar 2006

Now here is a question for all you "techies"
I had, 256mb of Ram and decided to add more.

Before I added it I ran systems info and got:
Total Physical Memory = 256 MB
Total Windows Memory = 2614 MB
Free = 2408 MB yes 2408 MB goodness knows where all that came from.
Used = 205 MB

However when I added more memory (1GB) I get:
Total Physical Memory = 1280MB
Total Windows Memory = 527MB
Free = 235MB
Used = 291MB

I seem to have lost memory???? Can someone enlighten me please.

  baldtaco 18:47 25 Mar 2006

Unused memory is wasted memory. Look at the differnce between Total Physical Memory amounts. That reflects the changes you have made. The other figures reflect how the system has made ue of it.

  SG Atlantis® 18:50 25 Mar 2006

physical memory is your ram. windows memory is actually space on the hard disk that windows uses like ram, known as the pagefile.

The pagefile can be altered, usually set between 1.5 times your ram to 2 times your ram. click here for more details

  baldtaco 18:57 25 Mar 2006

To follow on from what SG Atlantis® just said: Because your machine can now make better use of the RAM it has resized the swapfile. This is a reason increasing RAM is good as it reduces HD thrashing.

  sibaw 20:26 25 Mar 2006

thanks to you all, I now know a bit more about memory

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