pat2068 23:32 10 Apr 2004

I have just went to the crucial it is telling me i have 2(2banks of 1)and that my machine will take 2048 mb of memory can anyone one tell me what i can add i have 256 mb at the moment thanks leo

  woodchip 23:39 10 Apr 2004

Your Operating System would help, also why do you need more memory most computers only need 256mb that's all I have and I do photo's etc. If you are on Win98se or WinME the 512Mb is the Max unless you get a separate memory manager

  pat2068 00:13 11 Apr 2004

o/s is win xp and i feel it is getting slow if i multi task so i though more memory would help leo

  Forum Editor 00:21 11 Apr 2004

help. Windows XP likes plenty, and if you use modern software applications at all intensively you'll gallop through 256Mb of RAM before you know it.

Double the quantity and you'll notice a difference.

  hugh-265156 00:30 11 Apr 2004

im with the FE 512 and xp is a nice ammount and you should see an improvement over 256.

what motherboard do you have?

the crucial wizard gets my slots wrong,telling me i have three available(i wish) when my board only has two.

try aida32 click here (any version) install and click computer/summary tabs, look at the motherboard/motherboard name information to get model no.etc then you will be able to look it up using the crucial wizard which will give correct info.

for some reason crucials auto detect feature doesnt work for me and i dont know why?? the info you select manually does though.

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 00:38 11 Apr 2004

I found a gig of ram was more suited for xp just my opinion but the more the better.


  hugh-265156 00:44 11 Apr 2004

i do play games and the most i have ever seen recorded by task manager is around the 450mb mark.

but then again my services and start up programs are minimal.xp boots at 104mb.

click here click here to reduce the ammount of uneeded ones and free up some ram for good use.

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 00:50 11 Apr 2004

As huggy says depends what boots with windows im about up to 350 meg when fully booted with all the background apps i have and 1 gig gives me plenty for gameing as well,I would say that i have never tried to boot just windows without the Bground apps so 512 may be ok,i like ram tho lol,and while it cheap may as well get plenty.


  pat2068 01:23 11 Apr 2004

i have decided to upgrade the memory to 512mb sorry for taking so long to get back as i am not receiving any emails on hotmail leo

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