crease 11:26 26 Nov 2003


im currently running 256 DDR RAM and need more. Its currently pc2100, would it make any odds if i put in higher speed memory along side the existing stuff? or would the whole lot have to be upgraded? i know that SDRAM was ok, just havent heard any different concerning DDR RAM.

im using a MSI K7N 420 mobo as well.



  rickf 11:36 26 Nov 2003

Should be ok but they will run at 2100 as the new higher spec ones would be limited by the 2100 you alredy have in.

  Curio 19:10 26 Nov 2003

Go to
follow the wizard for your computer and you will get the correct memory younrequire

  Gongoozler 19:46 26 Nov 2003

I would not recommend mixing memory speeds. It may be ok, but it is much safer to stick to one speed. You may be able to get a more definitive answer from MSI. click here

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