membership sites - I have to log on at every page!

  zp 12:50 11 Jun 2008

hi chaps...just got and installed new desktop from Novatech. Everything up and running OK except with any site I have to log on (e.g. ebay, forums etc) I have to log on separately for every page. To put that another way, it must be signing me off every time I change page. I downloaded IE7 as part of the installation, before I had used any such sites, maybe the problem is with the IE7 settings? I have checked and can't see anything unusual there. I tried it with Zone Alarm disabled and it made no difference so it can't be ZA settings...which anyway look normal. Any ideas? I have Zone Alarm Pro, AVG pro, IE settings all (as far as I know) at the default. Windows Firewall disabled. Its driving me mad!

  birdface 13:05 11 Jun 2008

AVG Pro.Is that just the anti-virus or is it the Firewall as well.Sounds like a cookie problem.or security set to high.Tools Internet Options.Security.Reset all zones to default level.And the same with Privacy.

  zp 13:38 11 Jun 2008

hi Buteman, thanks for the advice. In fact I have tried that already and no difference. That's what i mean, it really is bizarre! I've even had a look in cache and all relevant cookies are neatly stored therein. Oh, it is just AVG AV, I have ZA for firewall. (BTW, I am able to log ontoPCA because I'm using my laptop!)

  keef66 13:39 11 Jun 2008

does sound as if it's deleting cookies as you leave a site. Very secure, but I can imagine very annoying too.

  birdface 14:02 11 Jun 2008

Have you tried tools.Internet options.Content .Settings.Tick User names and passwords Ok.Or maybe Tools. Internet Automatic.And at the bottom.Days to keep history .Mine is set to 20 days.Zone Alarm.If not configured properly will cause problems.Turning it off does not help.Maybe someone can explain how to configure it properly.I stick with Kerio it is easy to use.If all else fails I would remove Zone Alarm run C Cleaner then reinstall Zone Alarm.Or after running C Cleaner switch Windows Firewall on and see if it works with that.Nice new computer so would only do that as a last resort.

  zp 17:04 11 Jun 2008

I'm a bit reluctant to uninstall ZA and run C cleaner at the moment...having only just installed everything and got it up and running. I might have to try it eventually i suppose!

Yes, it does act as if "sign in" cookies are being automatically deleted after each page comes up. I have tried cleaning files in temp folder so i can get a good look at cookies.....and as far as i can see cookies named to the various sites are present - hard to tell if they are ALL present of course but it does look OK.

PC has XP factory installed by the way, not Vista (so as to run faster) When I ran Windows update it installed IE7 which I think normally runs on vista, not sure if there can be a mismatch there...presumably MS wouldn't have downloaded it if they thought there's be a mismatch.

I had a problem last night when i tried youtube - no picture just a message to download Adobeflash 9. Which it wouldn't do from the adobe site. I had to download an installation tool and install it from my PC in the end. That's about the only other unusual thing I can think of.

I have all security and privacy settings on the default options for every ID (its a family PC). I have run spyware and AV scans. Only thing of note is that scan picked up a lot more tracking cookies than normal, perhaps because I'd been tooling around the net a lot in experimental vein?
Also ran Clean Up (Gould).

I am at wits end with this....need to sell on ebay, the kids moaning cos they can't use myspace...god, I hate computers! They'd be OK if they only worked properly......

  keef66 11:16 12 Jun 2008

I've been running IE7 on XP for months without problems, so it's unlikely to be that.

  birdface 12:04 12 Jun 2008

The next time you open one of the programs.Try.View.Web page privacy policy.And if anything disabled enable it.Maybe worth trying Firefox.If that works you know it is a IE7 problem.

  birdface 12:11 12 Jun 2008

Zone Alarm Pro.AVG Pro.Maybe I have got this wrong but does Z/A pro not have an anti-virus running as well.Could be a bit of a conflict.

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