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  David-235327 22:15 23 Jul 2004

Hi There, as a Driving Instructor I know nothing about web design, so I had a go it's on click here and i would like help to establish a members page, where I could put info, theory help and new topics from the DSA.
I use MS Frontpage with 1&1 web hosting, if any one can help I would be very grateful, if your in Dudley I can help you with your driving.

  Forum Editor 07:11 24 Jul 2004

on how secure you want the page to be. There are lots of password protection applications out there
click here to see one of them.

  Scotsman 01:10 25 Jul 2004

As fourm member points out, search engines will not pick up your company name from a graphic. However, don't abandon the graphic. Instead, put a proper title in the <title> tag in the 'head' part of your page and include your company name in it. For getting onto a search engines index this is arguably the single most important thing you can do. Don't stop at the company name though, add extra stuff that will include words that people looking for a driving school in your area might be likely to type into a search engine. For example you could have:

<title>Flying Colours Driving - Driving Tuition in the West Midlands</title>
(Apologies if your area isn't the West Midlands, put it down to me being in Scotland)

Remember that whatever is in the title tag will display on the browsers title bar and will also be quoted in a search engine listing. You can use a different title for each page of your site eg:

<title>Flying Colours Driving - Prices</title>

Doing that will encourage search engines to index each page with a different title, usually as an indented 'sub-page' listing. Search engines like that sort of thing :) For an example of how you can vary titles for each page go here
click here and look at the browsers title bar for each page.

Also remember that most search engines pay particular attention to the first text paragraph on the home page so the content of that paragraph is also crucial in terms of using words which people might use to find your site with a search engine.

Finally, since you aren't a national company don't waste people's time by not making it clear where you operate early on in the home page. I know you spell out postcodes on another page but at least give a general indication of whether you cover Land's End or John 0' Groats, or somewhere in-between, near the start of the home page (as well as including it in the title)

  David-235327 17:55 25 Jul 2004

Thank you for responding to my query Scotsman, Forum Member/Editor I have taken note of your comments and I think? I have corrected them please have another look and let me know. But I dont think I managed to find out how to create a page on my web which will only allow existing pupils to enter (part of the paying service really)somewhere i can use a password changeable every month or so. I would appreciate your comments. Thanks

  Scotsman 18:53 25 Jul 2004

Yes, we did get a bit side-tracked I guess. THere is no simple way to set-up a web-page so that only certain people can access it. It's not just a question of having a password that can be given out to selected people. You would need to have a data-base of usernames and passwords that could be checked against each other whenever someone tries to sign-in. It's not something that Frontpage could do for you. Indeed, it couldn't be done with HTML alone. You would need to use a scripting language like Java or whatever. I'm no expert in this area (understatement of the year) but this link might help to explain what could be involved.

click here

Hopefully someone more knowledgeable in this area will come along soon.

Your home page now tells me as soon as it loads whether or not it's what I'm looking for. That's much better.

The changes to your page titles are an improvement too but I would include 'Flying Colours Driving' at the beginning of each one. In fact, when I think of it further I would probably use something like:

Flying Colours Driving School - Tuition in the West Midlands

That manages to include 'driving' 'school' 'tuition' & 'West Midlands' which are all keywords that people searching for your service are likely to use - but most people will not use all of them together so you need all of them included to act as a 'catch-all'(if you re-read that about 100 times and then lie in a darkened room for a while it should make sense). You can then add the additional bits for each page to all of that:

Flying Colours Driving School - Tuition in the West Midlands - Product 1.

Don't worry too much about the length - it's surprising how many words will fit along the title bar - it's more important to get all the relevant keywords included.

Final thought. Search engines generally give higher rankings to sites that are linked to by other sites so if you have any friends, relatives or friendly local businesses with websites that would put up a link to your site so much the better. Obviously, in the case of business sites you may need to reciprocate. Maybe a page of 'useful local links' wouldn't be out of place (local garages, car dealers, maybe?).

  Forum Editor 00:50 26 Jul 2004

The big engines are wise to this linking thing, and they will ignore them. What will build traffic is links to your site from other sites, and it's a good idea to set up reciprocal linking agreements if you can. Pick sites that seem to complement your content and approach the webmasters - you'll be surprised how many will respond favourably.

Don't get too hung up on meta tags - the search engines use far more sophisticated methods of indexing now, and they'll find and index your site based on the content - you don't need to include keywords at all, although there's no harm in adding them if you wish. The old habit of including strings of repeated words in the page text are gone, and if you try it you'll find that the engines will ignore you. Just make your site as visually appealing and interesting as you can, and don't worry - you'll be listed eventually anyway.

You didn't post the thread to ask for comments on your site, so back to the point:

If you simply want a password - protected page you'll find lots of little applications out there. The better ones cost a few dollars, but it's worth paying. One of the best there is - Coffee Cup Password Wizard - is easy to operate, and provides you with a neat Java or Flash (you choose) applet which you can customise to suit your page design. You can provide each person with an individual username/password and the wizard generates the code for you to paste in to your page. It's easier to do than to write about,and works perfectly with FrontPage sites - I strongly recommend it.
click here find out more.

  David-235327 21:45 29 Jul 2004

I think i have resolved my query, I aint gonna bother but many thanks to you all who did try to help a prat.
Ta very much

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