Is member “buel” abusing the forum

  ambra4 13:41 09 Jun 2009

Don’t get me wrong I have no problem helping any one with computer problems or giving

advice but when someone is starting to abuse the system than it time to put a stop to it

In other words I am getting tied of Mr buel endless requests

It seems to me that our member “buel” is using the forum to run a repair service, but don’t

seems to have a clue about computers, software, networks, or equipment

I may be totally wrong, BUT a lot of open Questions

If he don’t know “What screwdrivers to open ram cover?” some thing wrong

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In the last 6 months he has posted over 28 requests for advice on difference problems either for a

friend or his computer

So far since Nov 08 he has posted (4 in Nov) (6 in Dec) (2 in March) (6 in April) (4 in May)

(3 in June)

“How do i remove programmes on bottom left screen?” Please!!!!

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“Does anyone know where to get cheap tft monitors?”

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Or posting twice on the same subject on Tuesday 9 June at 11:25 and 12:34

“Friend bought £150, is it any good please?”

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  kenski 13:51 09 Jun 2009

wat ever some one asks .some one will benifit from it wether it comes from a computer repair man or sum novice any question asked has got to be good for the forum

  simonjary 14:06 09 Jun 2009

Those examples appear rather basic for a PC repair man!

I've deleted the duplicate post.

Publisher, PC Advisor

  T I M B O 14:11 09 Jun 2009

I got my 1st PC back on dec 29th 2001. Since then i have learnt so much about computers on how they work, to fix & maintain. But not only this but to also build web sites and i am qualified in Computer Aided Design too, but if it was not for the help i got from others then i would not even know there was this PC Forum for me to get help from peoples question and being able to pass on any knowledge to others. If one thinks that Mr Buel maybe abusing this Forum i for one can find it informative on the help and skills from others who are willing to help in anyway. If Mr Buel is assisting others to have a pc thats working well, then i hope i would see that as a benefit. I think there are thousands out there that just to go to Pc World & buy a pc and take it home and plug it in and they feel safe, well thats so far from the truth. Malwarebytes is and has been a life saver to millions out there, but millions more need the education to keep them safe. I wish more people would ask what they would concider to be futile question, i for one will always be willing to help other as i have been helped, so a big THANK YOU !! to all of you out there ;-))

  babybell 14:17 09 Jun 2009

What does it have to do with anyone on here how often he posts? I wasn't aware of a limit on questions?

He doesn't appear to be rude, or trying to sell anything on the forum so I fail to see where the "Abuse" is taking place.

You can see his name on the posts before reading so if it bothers you that much, dont open his post!

  Forum Editor 14:33 09 Jun 2009

1. We'll decide when someone is, or isn't abusing our forums, and I see no problem with the person referred to.

2. You are under no obligation to read or respond to threads that irritate you.

3. Complaints about individuals should not be aired in a public forum - you can always contact me via email if you have something you want to say that involves another person.

[email protected]

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