Megaworks 250D speaker hiss...

  nick_j007 12:01 11 May 2005

Hello all,

Took delivery of a 'used' Creative Megaworks 250D yesterday. Purchased on Ebay.
Out of the box it looked in top condition; I wondered if it had been used as it was all spotless. Anyway, even with no input from a sound source there is an audible hiss coming from the sat's which sounds as if they are turned right up! This hiss continues regardless of it being in mute or volume on. It definitely prevents low level listening too.
The more I type, I realise this is not right at all.
In terms of volume, I have to run about four lights on the remote on master volume before things get loud enough to be interesting, and even then the max. volume sounds rather muted. and not LOUD as I would expect.
I can't go wrong with the wiring really, so am I missing something, or do I have a 'seconds' unit that has not been repaired do you think?

Hope fellow 250D users can throw some light on this for me.



  Indigo 1 13:33 11 May 2005

If your old set of speakers do not hiss but the new ones do then you should return them (if poss) for your money back.

I have the same speakers and there is hardly any hiss when turned right up. Also they are plenty loud enough with only two lights on, 4 lights make the windows rattle and everything else that is not secured with Blue Tack !

  nick_j007 15:20 11 May 2005

Well this is the first set so I have nothing to compare too, but these are just not right.
I have written to the seller asking advice etc.

Your system sounds quite different to mine.

Ah well, back they go.

Thanks for looking in,


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